Daily Divination 5-16-11 Relationship Imbalance & Projections of the Anima/Animus -Moon in Sag


When we are not feeling whole and balanced inside of the self, it can be because we are projecting our energy outward. 

Take the example of a male who is projecting his anima outwardly onto a woman making her the focus of what he actually needs to balance within himself.  So what I mean is that the feminine energy within himself, if not balanced and realized within his whole psyche, he will put onto a woman in his life, expecting her to hold the energy and fulfill the inner feminine role ‘for’ him instead of doing it himself. 

 For a woman, it is often her animus or male energy that she projects outward onto a male instead of holding it within herself.  

These are parts of the psyche coined by C.G. Jung.  In some of his work he calls the anima/animus a spirit guide.

In cases of these imbalances or lack of connection to one’s full psyche or soul, the individual makes the “other” in their life the de-facto god or goddess. 

And in relationships these imbalances of the psyche or soul causes one to be one’s own worst enemy which brings us to the 9 of wands that I drew today to inspire the daily message. 

The message today involves not being distracted from the knowledge of and connection to the intimate divine ‘other half’ within. 

It is necessary today to use any difficulty presenting itself, especially in relationships, to reflect on the inner state which has predisposed you to the conflict or disharmony in the first place. 

It is important to work on feeling whole, balanced and grounded and no “other” can do that for you, no matter how much of the energy you have projected upon them to carry and hold for you.  And…

 Actually, if you have enough sense of humor about it, and can stand back far enough, you can see how males project the anima on a female and then fight with this feminine part of the self in order to integrate it.  If this doesn’t cause you to laugh,one can at least smile at what is going on.  The same is true for women, but in reverse.

Of course we do this with all unconscious parts of the self… we project onto others and then fight with it  in order to become conscious of it so it can be integrated! 

Projecting outward one's unconscious qualities

 It’s all a process of returning to wholeness but in a very unconscious way of course.  I could write a book on this but for today, as I am behind my time, this is it for now.  Thus, the Cosmic Communiqué for today…  or so goes my illusion. 

PS– the motif of this card is the same archetype as Moon in Sagittarius.  Moon often represents the emotional consciousness or unconscious energy and Sag relates to personal belief .. think of the arrow being shot into the air… projecting the unconscious outward, which is what this message is about. 

I wish I had more time to correlate  the astrology with this card better, but there’s a bottom line.  By the way, the Moon moves into Sag tomorrow.

‘See you tomorrow…


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