Daily Divination 5-13-11 That inspirational idea will be successful; here’s why and how! New project, Ace of Wands, Yarrow, Mars, Aries, Jupiter

About that Inspiring Idea....

So you know that “great idea”–that inspiration–that you’ve recently received?

Well, it’s a good one and all you have to do to be assured of success is to be consistent (the power of consistency) in your efforts and to pace yourself accordingly.

Vow to follow it through to completion!

What?  Haven’t had any illuminating inspirations lately?  Are you sure?  Give it some thought. (At the end of this post, there’s a recommendation for a flower remedy that will help you hear your inner music so that inspirations are received more clearly.)

Today’s cosmic communiqué is about revelations, triumphs and success with an endeavor or project.

In astrological terms, it relates to Mars in Aries—the fire of fire!

Ideas, impulses and inspirations are archetypes associated with fire energy.

Last week I wrote about how when Mars in Aries leaves the constellation of Aries, it will leave us a gift as it makes its final kick out of Aries into Taurus. During the night Wednesday (the 11th) Mars in Aries gave its finishing kick as it moved out of Aries and  into Taurus.

Were you hit with any new ideas around that time?  We may have had a dozen or more inspirational ideas since March when a bulk of planets moved through Aries, but my personal intuition says that Mars, representing the conscious desires of the soul, culminating in Aries was very—if not ‘the’ the most—significant.  And it just happened a few days ago.

The promise of a new idea and a start in a new area of life—a new beginning and a new adventure—is what I’m talking about.   Are you aware of how this energy is playing out in your own specific life?

 Today’s tarot card, Ace of Wands, is clearly relating to that ‘new lease on life’ and those new beginnings that stem from ideas and inspirations.

 The fire of fire (Mars in Aries) correlation to that card, helps define today’s message.

That new and perhaps exciting, “Ahhh, I KNOW!” that comes with great ideas when that light bulb turns on and it feels like perfect timing—that’s the gist of what his message is about.   And you know the feeling that accompanies it  is one of excitement and adventure.

This idea (perhaps for a new project of some type) is new (at least to you) and all it needs from you is the consistent effort and devotion that’s required to see it through. I’m talking about fire on fire!  Excitement and adventure that comes along with that “I can’t WAIT!” attitude that drives an all-consuming effort is what this is about, so with that type of enthusiasm, consistent effort isn’t usually a problem–you won’t be able to stop yourself.

And it ‘is’ going to be great!  And it’s got ‘fresh start’ written all over it.  Suddenly, life has received a big shot of vitamins.  Pace yourself—if there’s any caution, that’s it.

 But you’ve been being prepared for this for a long time; so it is natural and there’s a lot of confidence about your competence…

that’s the feeling with this too.

Yarrow helps you to hear your own inner music

Yarrow is a flower associated with the Chinese I-ching divinatory method.   The yarrow sticks come from the stems of the flower.  Thus, there’s one connection of yarrow to divine revelations and inspirations.

Yarrow is a common herb, often growing by the wayside, known to have the capacity to open the mind and the 7th chakra to inspirations and revelations.  Yarrow helps you to hear your own inner music  from Spirit. 

Native Americans are known to carry yarrow in a pouch to help increase intuitive attunement—to help you hear your own music, as I said.

Try a little Yarrow (perhaps in herbal tincture form—Bach flower essences) to help you receive breakthrough insights or to recognize the illuminations that are occurring all around you!

Final thought…

It is ideas and also ideals that this message most applies to.  As mentioned, the consistent follow through effort assures success.  We’re talking Ace of Wands (AKA Rods) here and wands represent the archetypical world of ideas

So the beginning of new projects sparked by an original idea is the focus of the message.  Don’t put it off if you have an inspirational idea right now… go for it.   If you put your plan on hold, it may miss its timing window and fail if you try to go for it later on instead of now.  The time is now, always.  Don’t put it off.

And if that idea has NOT come to you yet, take heart!  We’ve got a few more finishing kicks coming up as Venus and Mercury leave Aries in the next few days!  So pay attention to your thoughts, daydreams and musings and connect with those ideas and inspirations!  

 And if it still doesn’t happen in the next few days….

JUPITER, god of sky thunder and lightning!

 …there’s one more chance for a BIG IDEA wrapped around or involving either teaching, publishing, travel or a personal belief and that is coming up the first week in June as Jupiter leaves a gift for you on his way out of Aries! 

In certain mythologies, Jupiter is the god of sky thunder and lightning!

Aren’t ideas often times associated with lightning strikes? 

Watch for that satori  (lightening strike) idea near or around June 3rd as Jupiter leaves you a gift while making his finishing kick out of Aries!

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