Daily Divination 5-10-11 The Inner Voice in your decision making process – The Hierophant and Taurus Inner Resource

Here is another message that is associated with Taurus energy—today I drew the tarot card of The Hierophant to inspire today’s cosmic communiqué. While Taurus has various archetypical meanings, the one that this card focuses on relates to inherent talents, inner resources as well as the material results when those talents and resources are demonstrated in the outer world.  An inner resource that we all have is our minds—specifically, the subconscious, super-conscious and that which we call the unconscious.  How do we separate out the different terms?  Aren’t they all the same?  Let’s save that to address on another day.  For the purpose of today’s divination message, the focus is on the inner voice or inner teacher that is present for us to realize and interact with when we can silence the mind and listen to that inner guide, inner teacher, and inner resource–especially when it involves making a decision. 

So many times in life, if we are not connecting to The Hierophant (the teacher within), we will draw in substitutes–call those substitutes ‘people who want to tell you what to do’.  Of course others who have lots of advice to give us about our personal life and how we should live it are only fulfilling our own inner void or absence of clarity. If we were certain about ourselves and our path in life, we wouldn’t be calling into our life spectrum those who want to take over for us.

Here’s a little example.  I seem to be vacillating about a decision to move off of the mountain, closer to my children and grandchildren.  I’d love to see them more frequently and the past few winters up here alone in the mountains have been harsh and have given me pause!  It’s a chore and costly to stay warm in this large house and a nice cozy 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with central heat and air would solve that problem nicely.  But it’s a pickle because I love the mountains and spring, summer and fall here are beautiful.  Because I am not doing very well at being decisive, one of my daughters is escalating her efforts to make the decision for me.  I am under-functioning in the area of decision-making and have naturally drawn in an over-functioning person (my Aries daughter!) who believes she clearly see’s what I should do—and believes I should do it yesterday!  Ha!    

I have not yet clearly received the directive from my inner guide that it is time to take action in any direction.  And this is what I need to covey to the daughter who wants to be so decisive for me. 

In any event, this is the archetype of The Hierophant as it relates to Taurus energy.  The message is to acknowledge the inner teacher, the inner guide and inner voice and to realize that we all have this inner resource.  And not to allow others to be our personal Hierophant (also known as High Priest) when we are perfectly capable of being our own guru!  The High Priest – AKA Hierophant – relates to one who lives life according to their own inner dictates rather then conforming to the expectations of the clan.

If you have an issue where clarity of mind is difficult or you are not plugged in very well to your inner guide, sage is an herb that can be burned to awaken the inner guide and to open the channel of wisdom within.

The images on the card represent the various levels of mind, the unconscious, the subconscious and the super-conscious.  In life, when there is a decision, we have to gather all the information, consider it well, examine it from various angels—in other words, do the pro’s and con’s thing.  And then ask the self how much of ourselves are we willing to conform to the desires and/or expectations of others. In other words, is there someone over-functioning that needs to be stood up to?  Do you have trust in yourself that you will receive the inner message and inner directive or reach inner clarity in perfect timing?  Or will you conform to or cave into the expectations of others?

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