Daily Divination 5-7-11 Inner Self Worth Transforms Outer Image! Page of Pentacles and Taurus

Being caught up in appearances—the tarot Page of Pentacles inspires the cosmic communiqué of today. I can’t argue that image isn’t important in life—one’s outer appearance does leave an impression on others, but have you ever noticed that people who have a powerful  presence seem to know who they are so strongly that they convince you in a way that goes beyond how they’re dressed?  I mean they project an inner confidence through and through from within. You know what I mean, right?  We’ve all met those kinds of people.  We may see their photo or they walk in a room and their appearance may be deceiving–once they being to covey their energy we can have a completely different impression and how they look outwardly no longer matters.

We may end up feeling this way, “Wow, this person has a beautiful outward appearance, but the total package seems shallow.”  Or the other way, “Wow, this person doesn’t dress well or needs a new hairdo but suddenly that all falls off the radar screen because their spirit is mesmerizing.”

Who you are in your spirit presence speaks louder than what you say or how you “look” in physical form. 

The message today (no matter what day you come to this post) is about believing in yourself and knowing that this belief  is what creates your appearance more than clothing or haircuts or a new pair of shoes.  Frustrations connected to inner channels of creativity and competency can and often do manifest as a  fear of not being capable

 I’m thinking of a Buddhist chant, Tayata om muni muni maha munaye soha (ta-ya-ta ohm moo-nee moo-nee moon-aye-yay so-ha) which translates roughly to, “I am capable, I am capable, I am very, very capable, and so it is.”  I like that one!

The divination message for today is to work with what you have and know it is enoughyou are capable! 

You don’t need wait until you lose 50 pounds of body weight, or until you buy a new wardrobe or until your hair grows longer in order to project your true self into the world.  You are perfect as you are. 

A beautiful inner spirit translates into other’s seeing your inner beauty and confidence on the outside—you’re a total package and that goes way beyond your waistline, clothing and hairstyle!

Interesting–yesterday’s blog post message was similar (but not exactly the same) as it also related to Pentacles which is earth energy.  Our Sun is currently  in an earth energy sign, Taurus, and will soon be joined by a number of other personal planets.  Tauruean energy will soon be bursting out all over. 

The archetype of Taurus, which rules the 2nd house, relates to beauty—Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Taurus as well as Libra. Taurus is the inner side of Venus and Libra is the outer.   Issues of personal worth and value will come to the fore when personal planets transit through Taurus.

Let me conclude with a few Taurean archetypes which correlate with the Page of Pentacles energy.  Fertility, abundance, “Mother Earth”, perseverance, stamina, beauty, gentleness and earth pleasures.

If someone painted a picture of Taurus, it would probably include green lavish outdoor scene with rolling hills.  Suddenly, as I see this scene in the mind’s eye there is an image of a human, much like the image of the Page of Pentacles above.  
As I am  hearing the thoughts of this human, he or she is asking, “How much am I worth?  How do I value myself?” 

Meditation:  And so the final thought here, perhaps a good contemplative or meditative question, has to do with whether or not you see your value as it relates to the outer image or the inner—body or spirit?  Do you value the physical image more than the spiritual?  Where do you put the most effort?  Are you allowing your inner beauty to shine through so that it can transform the outer physical?  Which image are you putting effort into changing?

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