Daily Divination May 5, 2011 Got to go now! Courage to take the next step! 2 of Wands, Mars in Aries

“It’s been great, and thanks a lot, but I’ve got to go now.”—initial thoughts when I drew this card.

Sometimes we get into situations that seem great at first, become too much after a while and then the realization comes that we can grow no further and even though it’s not easy, we know we have to go, to move, to end it. This can apply to most anything—a job, a relationship, anything. Internally, we know when something has stagnated or is no longer serving us.

If we are really aware and awake to our inner self, we take the initiative. If not, we get a little help from life circumstances, but either way we get the message and we move forward, one way or another. Timing can be delayed but when karma is ripe (when the planets and stars align) change cannot help but happen.

That’s the direction that we’re going with today’s cosmic communiqué for what it’s worth here. This comes via tarot 2 of Wands (or Rods) which is associated with Mars in Aries archetype energy.

And transiting Mars is actually moving through the sign of Aries on the day this post is written; however, in the spirit of divine timing, there is a message for you no matter what day you come across this post. That is, if you’re open to it.

As you read this posts, not every word or sentence written will apply to you or your situation, but something here will; whether it is one word, one phrase or a paragraph. If you tune into your feelings as you read the daily blog posts, you will know what part of the message is directly for you… you’ll feel it, if you allow yourself to.

Mars will be in Aries until May 11, 2011. It is said that when a planet is at the tail end of a sign, it leaves a gift. There’s s finishing kick. That’s right where we are now, Mars is about to cross the Aries finishing line!

How will it affect you? Let’s open up the correlation between the 2 of Wands and Mars in Aries to see if there are some clues. As I describe this archetype of energy to you, maybe you can decide.

Both Mars in Aries and 2 of  Wands are about having achieved something, accomplished something that took determined effort and courage—we could also say passion. What’s that been about for you lately? And if we put a date to this, since the beginning of April when Mars moved into Aries. Since then what have you needed courage to change or take action on—what area of life did you perhaps outgrown something that has been in place for a long time? This could be something internal as well as external or simply inner stuff alone—in other words, a consciousness thing.

Idealism is another aspect of the life energy that has perhaps needed to change and Mars in Aries energy could have restructured that for you and you may get a boost with any issues around your past ideals that were either too bold or not bold enough as Mars does its finishing kick out of Aries. It rules Aries, as you probably know, and so Mars has been pretty strong there.

My intuitive sense of it is that between now and the 11th—over this final week of Mars being in Aries—the gift that the universe will bestow will have to do with supporting the efforts you have been making toward more self-confidence to move forward with choices in life that support your “sense of self” as well as the new ideas that you’re getting ready to launch.

Astrologically speaking, if you haven’t yet found your “niche” in the world, all the Aries energy has been inspiring you in many ways to do so! Mars in Aries is fire energy (so are Wands) and fire relates to inspiration. In whatever area of life you’ve been thinking, “It’s been great, but I’ve got to go now”, my prediction is that in this next week Mars will give you help to do it by lending you more than usual courage as it dares you to take the next step. Go for it!