Daily Divination May 4, 2011 Can a Psychic Remove Your Blockages? Judgment/Pluto/Scorpio


The struggle is over.  The heart has won.  There’s been a rebirth.  A new day’s begun

Do you know those search word reports that some websites give through their own internal tracking of some kind?  I’ve never cared much about that, but some sites—like WordPress (this blog website)—will automatically lists that information whether you ask for it or not.   I noticed someone who found my blog did so by typing in the search phrase “can psychics remove blockages?” 

Today’s message correlates with Pluto, the astrological representation of the soul itself—at least that’s what the folks in the circles that I move within believe.  The inspiration for today’s cosmic communiqué comes from the tarot card Judgment. 

Release fear of deep soul-like examination, don’t turn away from the pain, look it straight in the eye and investigate it at its depth and do the deep Scorpio work (Pluto ruling Scorpio is the same archetype).  That’s what today’s topic is and that’s the area that our search term questioner was broaching. 

Isn’t it just like human nature to give someone else responsibility for our own well-being?  Can a psychic change, grow, progress, advance or evolve your own soul?   People engage this type of question in the medical theatre of their lives too.  They hold the doctor fully responsible for their healing.  The doctor “practices” healing techniques (that’s why they call it a practice) and facilitates healing—same with other practitioners, psychic’s included. 

It begs the question–who heals you?  I understand the temptation to throw money at doctors, healers, therapists, psychics and expect them to take charge of your life; but as we all know (or should realize), they don’t do it alone and if they are working in integrity they’ll let you know that up front.  They need ‘your’ participation and cooperation; it’s best to think of them as facilitator’s or perhaps guides of your own deep inner process.

I can hardly keep from tossing my head back in roaring laughter.  Can a psychic remove blockages? 

Oh, I’m sure there are enough unscrupulous ones who will claim that they can—just give them enough money to cast a spell for you or purchase their enchanted candles!  Isn’t it the lowest aspect of human nature to empower someone else to do the work that you need to do?  Some people will try to buy or manipulate their way out of most anything given the opportunity I suppose.  If some folks could pay someone else to die for them, they’d do that too!  

Hubble Telescope Image of PLUTO, the cosmic archetype of the soul

I’m describing the energy archetype having to do with today’s message which is the Judgment Card of tarot and Pluto.  Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8thhouse.  If someone asked what part of the zodiac has an association with death, there’s your answer.  Rebirth always follows, so really, there’s no death… only transition into another dimension. 

We all experience the parameters of who we are, as opposed to that which we are not, through the archetype of Pluto, 8th House, Scorpio and that’s another meaning of the Judgment card of the tarot.

Power and powerlessness, that’s what we’re getting at here and the tendency folks have to want to merge with or form a relationship with energy which (they believe) will take them beyond personal limitation. 

And there we have it—someone feels limited by a blockage and starts to seek a form of power outside of self to remove it. 

Makes me think of the story of the inebriated man who lost his keys inside the darkened bar but looks for them out under the street light where he can see better—you’ll never find them there! 

Can a doctor, therapist, healer or psychic help facilitate the process or point you in the right direction?  Yes, but they’re YOUR keys and you’ll find them inside where you left them!

Many who chose one of the professions that were just mentioned have done so because of a process of their own in which they were first the patient which motivated them to become the physician.  Thus, the common phrase, “Physician, heal thyself.”  (I know that phrase has various meanings, but for the purpose of this writing, I’m going with the one I just mentioned.)

We hear these stories all the time in which folks choose a profession because of their own need led them to it—for example, many psychotherapists become interested in that field of study after searching for solutions to their own psychosis.  There are always exceptions to rules, but it’s a common theme.  Or there’s someone who becomes a doctor or nurse because of a past experience of feeling powerless to help a family member with an illness—these types of scenarios.  Perhaps the individual who typed in the search phrase, “can psychics remove blockages?” will someday become some type of facilitating practitioner to assist others to change their limiting beliefs as he or she continues to search for the answer to their question. 

Emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical inner confrontations serve the purpose of creating a metamorphosis or transformation in order to propel us on the journey of personal evolution.  Releasing blockages has to do with penetrating the core of the soul to understand the source of “blockages” that prevent growth.  And there you have a descriptive meaning of the Judgment Card and Pluto energy archetypes.  

Negatively expressed, this energy can express as co-dependency; i.e. “I will pay you money to remove my blockage for me– I’ll pay you to cast a spell or buy your candle and give you my power to you so that you can do the work for me.” 

How transformative power is used depends on one’s evolutionary condition but the higher expression is self-reliance and using one’s inner resources—taking responsibility for one’s own healing and becoming self-motivated to reach into the depth of their soul.  In reaching for the higher expression over time one learns a great deal and is then in a position eventually to help others once their own transformation is affected.  But they will know firsthand that they cannot do the work for others; they can only help facilitate the process.

I “get that” about some of the students who take the psychic class. I’ve sensed that there were a few who thought I could wave a magic wand and presto-chango, you’re now a psychic!  Getting students to practice is something I cannot do… I can only facilitate the process.  Just like a meditation teacher or yoga teacher cannot do the work for their students, they can teach and the rest is application requiring the self-determination and effort of the student.  Can you imagine going to a yoga class and paying the teacher to do the yoga exercises for you so can receive the mental, spiritual and physical benefits?

Can we pay someone or ask someone else to do the forgiving that we ourselves need to do?  No, but we can talk with a counselor who will guide us to a place in the mind and heart where forgiveness is doable or possible, but it is only you who can do the forgiving. 

That last paragraph brings me back to a few conversations that I’ve had with my catholic sister this week.  She is struggling with the whole idea of going to priests to make a confession.  It’s the same principle.

Today’s message is about being willing to take self-responsibility, being willing to move toward self-mastery and employing facilitator’s (healers, therapists, psychics) properly so that a full awakening of the inner self can occur.  Don’t look outside yourself to do something that’s an inside job.  Be willing to go into the dark places in your soul/psyche to discover the hidden treasure.  We can help, but you have to be willing to see.

Remember the man who looks under the street light for keys outside—the light may be better there, but that’s not where the keys are located. 

They’re inside. 

Go within. 

A psychic, therapist or healer can help you get there…

 but it is only you who can do  the work!