Daily Divination May 3, 2011 Look to Life Experiences that Point to Inherent Talents! 10 of Pentacles/Mercury/Virgo

Today the tarot 10 of Pentacles inspires the cosmic communiqué. 

And, in fact, this card is particularly  in tune with me at the moment—is that true for you too? 

Wait a second.  Did I just type “in tune”? I was just on iTunes; you know iTunes, right?  Everybody knows iTunes, but that music-and-more Apple program and I… let’s just say that I’m not in tune with iTunes

A little gnome looking in the window when I have that program up would see me mumbling to my computer things like, “WHERE?  I don’t see it!”  And “How can I get this thing OFF of here?”  or “All I want to do is _____, where the heck is it?” 

 And you may be rightly asking if this kvetching has a point.  I’m getting to it—one word will do it, podcast. Ten of Pentacles relates to the consolidation of past experiences, viewing those as a talent or virtue, tapping into those available inner resource and sharing them with the community.  Does that sound anything like blogging, blog-casting or podcasting? 

The podcast thing is what I was doing on iTunes a minute ago.  A person has to subscribe to one to be able to just listen to it and even before that can happen; the program makes you wait while it downloads 1,000 episodes!

Baaaah-gh!  Forget it, I said to myself, let me just move on and draw today’s tarot card!

And that brings us current…

When I look at all those pentacles on the card and the family members, two thoughts come to the fore.  Every day life itself, perhaps family life (dog, child, elderly man, young couple), is a source for expressing inner talents or accumulated experiences, shared with the community as a resource to help others. 

How can someone (like me and you) share resources with the community?  Can you say podcast?  Or Blog?  Or how about Blogcast?  Those are some ways.

This’ll show you how much I don’t know on the subject that I’m NOT in tune with; I used to think you had to have and expensive iPod to listen to a podcast! 

You DON'T need one of these to listen to a podcast! Oh, duhh, didn't know that. The word's misleading

Not true, all that word means is “audio” file—click and listen.  And of course there are video file’s too, but let’s get back to today’s message.

If I had to BOTTOM LINE this, and I do because I’ve lots to do today, here it is:  Use your life experiences and family experiences or even past life experiences (all those people on the card could be your own past lives!) that are inherent within you.  See them as talents, virtues and gifts to offer the community—whether that’s an online community or main street in the area where you currently reside! 

By-the-by, the archetype of 10 of Pentacles correlates with Mercury in Virgo!  Most people will relate the planet Mercury to communication, left brain, and voice.  And Virgo is associated most generally with “work” in its rulership of the 6th house; but, also carries a meaning of discernment, victimization, and health/healing too. And yeah, animals… pets.

If we picked out the past life meaning that’s possible in the 10 of Pentacles and correlated that with service or work, we could see a past life regression therapy service connection here too. 

The idea of today’s divination has to do with pre-developed resources or soul talents being used to benefit the community, others.   

There is, either way we cut it, a message here for you about the accumulation of resources, conditions or even current possessions of a material nature that are available for use and new opportunities from this foundation for you to consider—that’s today’s daily divination message.   And in the spirit of divine timing, it applies to you NOW whenever you are reading these words.  Be willing to show the world your talents whatever those may be—you have nothing to lose!

As for me… can I live just fine without being in tune with iTunes? 

Will I end up back there or go elsewhere… and do I even want to podcast or blog cast in the first place? 

Time will tell. Meanwhile, the World Wide Web must have more fruit to offer than just apples!  Oranges and grapes are my personal fav!  Got fruit?

PS– the Moon is in Taurus today, the sign of “resources” and self-reliance.  Some days the synchronicity in life is so awesome!