Daily Divination May 1, 2011 Self-Identity and Breaking Free from The System; The Emperor/Aries

Male, yang, outward ruler-ship relating to Aries energy… The Emperor card in Tarot inspires today’s cosmic communiqué.   The archetypical energy forming today’s divination insight has to do with taking initiative, making plans and working in “the system”, whatever the word  system means to you on the particular day, when you are reading this.  The system can relate to the family, the community, the church, the state, or country–in other words the laws and rules that govern your world. 

The guidance is about moving freely in that system, taking the initiative to create a plan and then moving on that plan in some way even if all the subsequent steps are not yet clear.  And all for the purpose of creating a new identity and having a new sense of “self”.

The energy of Aries, the energy archetype that correlates with this tarot card, can be impulsive and so can The Emperor.  But impulsiveness isn’t all bad since at least it gets the energy moving.  Indecisiveness is the opposing energy and too much yin or compassion can create inaction. 

Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and when situations stagnate too long and the energy of inactivity and inaction build, spontaneous action naturally occurs.  After all somebody has to take charge and make a plan. In some area of your life, wherever inaction has been occurring for too long, the time has come to break it loose.  Let yourself be impulsive if that’s what it takes—and doing so before mid-May when a conglomerate of planets move from Aries into Taurus is the time to do it.

Ideally, we balance the yin and yang, the compassionate wisdom with a take-charge attitude, but we’ve got to get the energy moving first.  Aries energy is supporting that.  As all those planets move into stable Taurus, it can be sorted out and restructured then. 

Once the energy is moving, a survey can be made and a new structure can be ordered.  But, by necessity, the energy needs to be broken loose first. 

Maybe it already has broken loose?  We’ve had quite a number of planets in Aries since March–chances are it has.  If energy has broken loose due to spontaneous action (Aries) that either you or someone close to you has taken, see it as a good thing.  Once the energy is freed, we can reorganize it, make a plan and restructure and restore a new order in areas where life has been too rigid and controlled. But we do have to work within a system, whether that is the legal system, societal system, family system, etc.  The idea is to feel like a free agent ‘within’ the system, which you are but may have forgotten.  See the point?  We might say something like this:  it’s time to create your own system within the greater system. 

And that sort of reminds me of that phrase, “being IN the world but not OF it”.  We still have to be here, but how much of the world do we allow or permit to permeate our own ‘inner’ system. 

One way this can out-picture is by creating a new way of being or functioning in the world; we are all in a system in our family, our community, our country and the world.  How entrenched are we in those systems?  How much of our ‘self-identity’ have we given up or lost over time?  Aries rules the 1st house of the zodiac upon which we have the rising sign or ascendant.  That area is about self-identity. 

 The question then comes, in considering this, regarding how well we have retained our self-identity within any of those systems already mentioned.  Have we conformed too much and consequently lost our sense of self?  Where do we need to break free and restructure?

These are the questions for contemplation that are brought to the fore today courtesy of  The Emperor and the correlating leadership and impulsive qualities of Aries.

  Take some type of action to “break free” (if  it hasn’t already happened)  in order to be in the world but not of it, rule your own inner kingdom and do whatever is necessary to restructure and regain the sense of self-identity wherever you may have lost it. 

If you can relate any of your present circumstances to what I’m describing, then perhaps today’s message will be helpful.