Daily Divination April 29, 2011 Examining the Soul’s Journey through Awareness of Desire – Page of Cups, Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces

I’m reminded of the movie Inception as I look at the inspiration for today’s message—tarot Page of Cups.  You know the scene that appears at the start and finish of the movie—being on the shore of the subconscious mind wasn’t it? 

 Between the subconscious and the unconscious that is my interpretation of this card and that scene in the movie.  Touching into the deep emotional stream of consciousness–that’s what today’s message is going to be about and being on the edge and getting the “feel” for the depth of our own soul. 

Our soul ‘is’ feeling and communicates with us through feeling… emotion. 

We yearn to know the Unknowable; that’s the gist of it.  And this yearning manifest differently based upon what level of consciousness we have reached.  Just like within two seconds of conversing with someone, it becomes clear as they express their desires. 

 One person wants to know when they will be able to buy the new car or have a commitment from the new lover while another wants to know when they will be able to hear or see the Angels. 

These desires eventually lead us into the place of the Page of Cups, discovering what the desires have to teach us. 

We are all on the path, in one way or another (in my humble opinion), of reaching for freedom of being overly self-conscious in life as we reach for the next desire—no matter what that desire actually is at any given time.  In truth, the cry of each human soul is, “I just want to be ‘me’!”  We are all trying to figure out, in our own way, what ‘me’ really ‘is’.  And it is through exhausting our desires that this discovery is made—and that is evident as we release one desire and replace it with the next. 

The image shows a fish emerging from the cup in the page’s hand which represents a thought/feeling/desire come from the subconscious mind.  All along the way in our journey of life we have one desire after the next, one thought from the subconscious after the next—always seeking after what will fulfill us. 

I’m looking for the bottom line message here.  The next thing that comes to mind is “ask and you shall receive” and the thought that follows that using care in what you ask for, because you just may get it!—as the sayings go.  And it is through those desires, whether fulfilled or not, that we learn about ourselves and begin the process of eliminating and releasing those desires one-by-one until our desire becomes to have no more desires!  And to make peace with just be-ing and loving what ‘is’ happens when the soul reaches a state of releasing desires.  Until then, we make our dreams our reality.  The dreams and the desires come from deep within the soul.  We can examine our life path through examining what those were in the past and what those are now and in this way we can have deeper insight into our own soul and its journey through life.

Astrologically, the cups relate to the water signs–Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio i.e. emotions (cancer) from the depth (Scorpio) of the ocean of consciousness (Pisces). 

A young soul is full of desires, wants new experiences.  Whereas souls who have lived many lifetimes have exhausted many desires already.  What is your desire nature teaching you these days?  Perhaps not a bad topic for reflection and contemplation. 

 Do all of these desires have to be acted upon?  Personally, I think not–but that’s just my opinion. 

Today, I’m going to examine the desire nature of my own past and the current state of my desires too.  I hope see what personal insight that survey holds for me.  Maybe you would like to do the same?