Daily Divination April 28, 2011 Recognizing the Heart’s Path – New Emotional Awareness – Ace of Cups/Astrological Water Element

 Use your emotions in a new way to recognize your heart’s path… that’s emotional wisdom! 

Exhilarating energy!  Hearing the song in the heart!  Recognizing the heart’s path without having to figure it all out! 

Floating in the heart-space between our thoughts and the unconscious directions of the soul!   Go there!

 Today’s Cosmic Communiqué is about embracing the true inner self with a loving respect as we merge with lotus flower consciousness.

Every part of the lotus flower is used and thus gives an example for our own lives—to use everything, every part of it (especially our emotions), for our growth, evolution and enlightenment.  I wrote about this very thing today’s newsletter.  Nearly all parts of the lotus have a use.  The leaf is used to treat fevers, irritability, etc. The seeds of the lotus are used as a tonic and medicine for lung and eye inflammation.  The nodes of the root have nutritive astringent properties and are used to treat forms of bleeding and hemorrhaging.  The sprout that grows out of the seed is used to quiet and calm excessive mental activity.  Shamans string the seeds and wear them as an amulet or talisman for peace and serenity–they are known to open the heart center.

Be in tune with the heart today by utilizing every experience of life through observation to recognize the directions of your soul.  Water element energy relates to the suit of Cups in tarot.  Yesterday I wrote about the astrological correlations of Cup energy relating to Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Emotions are the “Holy Grail” of psychic and spiritual development.  The Ace of Cups and divine messengers shower us today with the message that new beginnings are occurring in the sphere of emotions!  We’re beginning to emote differently and it’s a new way and a new day!  Begin to trust your emotions in a way you’ve never done before—they are an aspect of your inner voice.

An inner attunement to the emotional heart can be exhilarating!   It’s a great day to get in touch with all this–the Moon is still transiting through Pisces, remaining there until tomorrow afternoon (1:33 PM, EDT).   Nevertheless, in the spirit of divine timing, today’s message applies to you today, no matter what day you come across this blog post!  Raise your cup and drink a toast to the wisdom of your emotional heart! 

PS– an additional message is this:  It is time to enhance a warm and loving home environment!