Change in the Communication Connection to “Spirit Guides”

I get this question a lot and received another one again today!  People write to me expressing that their connection to their “spirit guide” has changed and suddenly apparently they have problems “getting through” or receiving a communique’.  There are so many variables we could apply to addressing this type of question but in this post you will find a few along with comments for your consideration.  This post isn’t all inclusive or intended to be–this would be best addressed in a 500 page book, but for now here are a few (hopefully not too scattered) thoughts….

Like I said, I get emails from people who want to control their “spirit guides” and the communication they have with such energy.  It’s like trying to control the weather—can we?  Even the cosmic weather… do we have control over how quickly the Moon moves or what aspects Neptune makes when?  Some of that can be predictable… we can know the patterns of movement thanks to astronomers and astrologers who have mapped probable aspects. 

But there are many factors involved in exactly how weather patterns (whether those are on earth or the heavens) will affect one person, in one place at one moment of time.  Tornadoes will move through an area and take out a block of houses but leave one of those standing and untouched.  Could that have been controlled?  Could that same event happen the same way, be duplicated exactly so, each and every time a tornado comes through? The answer to that is obvious.  Yet, people will always try to take what are divine mysteries and want to capture, control and direct that energy in some way and in the meanwhile hold an expectation of how experiences should be repeated and evolve in logical left-brain linear ways. 

I think we’d be doing our younger generations a service if we could teach them more than a, b, c and 1, 2, 3.  What about the right brain stuff?  What about the nature of the divine energies, how the intuition works and acceptance of the divine mysteries—to honor and revere, to observe and  respectfully venerate them—instead of trying to be manipulating, controlling and placing the universe in a box like some sort of personal pet! 

Like any relationship, when it becomes out of balance, the wiser of any two will adjust position to bring the relationship into a healthier balance.  Of course, in a human situation, unhealthy connections can be maintained over a lifetime but usually at some point, one person in the relationship will force the change that’s needed to honor ‘the self’  which has been denied for the sake of keeping the relationship together.  That happens. 

People will remain in an unbalanced relationship where one party is beneath the other (and most times it is the woman via societal and religious conditioning in which female is subservient to the male).  And even if one party realizes what is happening, they can deny their needs for the sake of appearances, the children, the possessions and many other things.  No so with our relationship to ‘the divine’ or what people call ‘spirit guides’. 

When we transpose human relationship patterns onto our relationship with ‘spirit guides’, it’s a whole different ball game!  People will write that they had it all under control, they had the connection and then it seemed to disappear.  What a great lesson for the human ego! 

It would be much better, if we’re going to transpose or transfer one relationship style onto another that we do so the other way around! 

Instead of expecting your relationship with ‘the universe’, ‘the divine mind’ or ‘source’ or even a part of all that called ‘spirit guides’ or even one’s own ‘higher self’ for that matter to mimic your human relationship pattern, how about going about it in reverse?

And of course, that actually does happen but most people are not aware of it; that’s all.  Our relationship with our self is the same relationship we have with others and with that which people want to call ‘spirit guides’!  

Is it not true that some days you don’t even communicate with yourself very well? Feel out of sorts?  And even if you try, some days you tend feel like an ‘air head’ or feel more down in the dumps?  Other days, quite the opposite is true.  Yeah, it’s like the weather; Earth weather, Cosmic weather—it changes. 

So what do we do?  We grab the umbrella or the sun lotion in regard to earth weather.  We have a good cry or throw a party in regard to cosmic weather.  Some days we feel like we absolutely must meditate and other days, we are completely drawn to work in the garden.  Yeah, so my point being that  we go with the flow and adjust according to the weather. 

We don’t call into a psychic and say, it was sunny 2 weeks ago and everything was so clear and at night I could see all the stars but now, it’s all cloudy and I’ve not seen an evening star for weeks.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I fix this? How can I change it, manipulate it, control it?  You see my point.

Personally, when someone is being very needy and trying to control the energy or the situation, my response is to do something like, “Oh, my, look at the time.  I’d better be running along. See ya’.”  Did you ever have that happen?  It’s painful to watch.  But you know that if you disconnect, you are actually helping the person out—helping them shift and rebalance. 

I think it’s very possible that the energy which we call “spirit guides” do the same or something similar.   

And have you considered that any and all ‘connections’ and communique’s that you have with others whether in spirit world or in your own back yard are simply a reflection of the connection that you have with YOU in the first place?! 

 Psssst… Mercury, right now,  is Retrograde in an exact opposition to Saturn.  The communication planet (Mercury) is opposing to the EXACT DEGREE  (12 degrees) the “get real” planet (Saturn) today! 

 (April 23, 2003)