Daily Divination April 21, 2011 Be At One With The Infinite Sun!

After the rain.... the SUN!

Finally!  A happy card to inspire today’s cosmic communiqué!  For days in a row the messages have come from cards that are quite the opposite of The Sun.  It’s a welcome change and perfect example of Life Itself—always seeking homeostasis and equilibrium!  It’s like, “Take heart and hang in there, better days are always ahead.”  My mother, in her eldest years when simplicity of thought reigned, when asked what advice she’d have for younger folks going through difficult times said something very similar. 

And I hear the song now… ♫  “The Sun’ll come out tomorrow, Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be Sun, Just thinken’ about tomorrow, Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow ‘til there’s none…”

I flash to a memory of watching a parade—just being the observer and watching a parade go by.  Yes, I do love watching parades.  And the whole thought of observing life too.  That’s when I’m the happiest, you know, when my consciousness is firmly plugged into that place—the Observer.  That’s the celestial and the most divine or god-like attitude we can have in life I believe.  Non-attachment, no emotional charge with it at all, just operating from the “place of the Eternal Observer”… like watching the parade and enjoying it all from the sideline that way! 

Then we truly get it—that we are more than the physical body and earth experiences.  It’s a lovely, Sunny place to be in the mind and heart, isn’t it?

Today’s divine messengers, working through me (or so goes my illusion) are bringing you these reminders today.

Sometimes I miss living in Florida because I am a Sun worshiper at heart.  Unlike the all too numerous gray days in the misty (sometimes foggy) mountains here, there was always a lot more Sun in Florida; there are days here that it takes the Sun until noon before it burns off the fog and mist of the day. 

Anyway, the Sun’s energy loves and illumines all things equally without judgment… it would be wonderful if we all could be like the Sun in that way!

We have solar energy within us—as above, so below and our inner Sun is like our inner child.  It is the joyful and illuminated part of our selves. 

Today’s message is about flowering, to be in the present moment, the Eternal Observer, living in the moment and experiencing to the fullest potential the everyday simple pleasures of life.  The divine messengers also remind us today to follow the heart’s path with faith, certainty and a joyful, childlike heart.

May you reach into your solar self today and feel the inner warmth of the Sun in all you do today!  Be at one with the Infinite Sun!