Daily Divination April 19,2011 Persevere in the Face of Frustrations- Personal Power and Leo – Strength!


Today’s cosmic communiqué has to do with the Strength of Perseverance. 

You will get there!  Where? (See yesterday’s divination message).  Deal calmly with frustrations!  I’m going to tell you a little personal story to convey today’s message for you.  And, as always, no matter when you come to this post, the message applies to your NOW in the spirit of divine timing.  Ready?  On to the (true story) storytelling….

When I drew the tarot card which inspires this message, I was flooded with a memory of a very long drive that I made alone; it was a non-stop 23+ hour drive.  That one trip mimicked a lifetime of up’s and down’s and moments of despair (I’ll never be able to make it) as well as moments of inspiration and confidence.  Yet, I persevered; actually because I had no choice. 

I had no money for a hotel and just had to keep on driving until I arrived at my destination.   I rested several times by pulling the car over to those “rest stops” along the way and after a refreshing 20 minutes with my eyes closed with the seat tilted back, resumed my journey. 

There is no choice but to persevere… keep on keeping on. That’s how life is

It seems to be the major theme of my life actually.  But then again 8 is one of my life number’s (numerology) and the Strength Card can really be called ‘the story of my life’.  But this message is not about me, it’s about YOU and the cosmic communiqué today.  So, back to the story…

"Thats a very nice way. But its pleasant down that way too. Of course, some people go both ways."

The last leg of my journey was off the Interstate and the most difficult.  It was 2 AM and I was trying to locate a little town in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay area and seemed to be getting lost in a maze of bridges, little fishing towns, railroad tracks and fog. 

 Every road I was on seemed to be named with two different route numbers and many intersections were like the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow pointing both ways!  The fog and fatigue weren’t helping either and while I did (in the time before cell phones) manage to find a telephone booth that had a working phone, the voice on the other end wasn’t giving me very clear directions either since I wasn’t able to describe my current location.  The world was asleep and mine was the only car on the highway. 

Life itself in the totality of the journey from birth to death has times like these! 

 The more I tried to figure out where I was so that I could determine where I was going and how to get there, the more lost I became. 

Those roads named all those different numbers weren’t helping me at all.

I surrendered, but not in the way you may think.  I had to let my intuition guide me and forget the maps and numbers–my TripleA Triptik did me absolutely no good in this maze of fishing towns and bridges–none whatsoever!   
I gave up on that shortly after I exited the interstate. Yes, it was the good ole’ days before Voice Nav GPS’s—can you imagine?  

There was a surrendering to a guidance system that had nothing to do with maps or signs on that last leg of my journey and that’s what got me to my destination after driving nearly 24 hours straight! 

I had to quit letting the Triptik, the road signs and the useless phone directions have control over me!  And I couldn’t let myself become angry or overly frustrated! 

That would have cost me dearly the precious energy that I needed to stay aware. 

 I had to tap into my inner resources and open my heart to more divine help.

The Strength card in Tarot relates to Leo energy and of course we see the symbol of the Lion in the strength card of Tarot [image at the top of this post].  

Leo is a character building energy and challenges our spirit to “take heart” in spite of difficulties and setbacks—especially those that occur right near the finish line! 

 I used to run 10K road races back in my jogging days and it was always that last half-mile was the hardest—you’re almost there but don’t quite see that finish line!  That can be grueling, mentally which translates physically, especially on courses that have twists and turns –you can’t see the finish line.  Once you have it within view, however… what a relief! 

Just like driving in the night in the fog with the confusing signs, once you see the “Welcome to ______”  sign for the city/town you’ve been looking for, my goodness it’s a joy! 

What sign are you looking for in life right now?  What destination?

Leo energy is about having a gallant spirit and unshakable resolve and relates to stamina and the strength to endure in the face of exhaustion and what feels like insurmountable obstacles.

And that’s what today’s message is all about.  And today you are being reminded about using your strong will.  Leo energy will spit in the face of her persecutors and will never give up!  (That’s metaphorical and not literal.)  

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is associated with the heart—both physical and metaphysical. Leo is filled with personal purpose and personal power.  Tap into your Leo energy, your personal power, and persevere!

The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running!

(Years ago, I had a poster hanging in my room with this message, with an image of a long winding road.)

Fall seven times, stand up eight. ~Japanese Proverb