Daily Divination April 18, 2011 Clarity of Purpose Staying True to Your Path with King of Swords Integrity

Determine what you want, pursue it with integrity, remain civil

If you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there. 

Begin with the end in mind. You can do it!

Clarity of Purpose; knowing exactly what you are doing and being sure of your path–that’s the theme for today’s cosmic broadcast.  It’s okay if you’re not completely clear, there are those who can help; you can turn to associates or other knowledgable people who can be the “king of swords” for you today.

  The universe will handle the details if you back up your own plan within your own mind being certain what it is that you want. 

It’s true that sometimes we have to do the ‘not this, not that’ before we’re clear or we gather information and in the process of that gathering, clarity begins to form. 

Even if what we know we must do will have effects upon others, still we must do it once we’re clear about what that is; but, we don’t have to trample on others in that process.  It can be tricky especially if you’re the wishy-washy type and give up your rights too easily. The tendency is to go 100% in the opposite direction and be vindictive when you finally do stand up for yourself.  As always, with everything–balance and the middle path is best for all concerned!

 Let’s say, you know the direction, the path, and the outcome you desire regarding a major issue in your life right now but you’re not exactly sure how you’re going to pull it off yet; just be okay with that for now and stay committed to your direction or goal.

  Don’t give up or turn back but don’t be overly righteous either—kindness and consideration for others (even if your judgment is that they don’t deserve it) is always best for all concerened. 

An inner emotional attitude that is at least not spiteful or vindictive is best for you and for all concerned—that way you won’t feel bad about yourself later and will not be creating  karma. 

 Keep to your path with an apex or height of integrity while you clearly speak your truth and intentions.  Stay clear! 

And if you must judge something today; be an impartial judge of your own life, not another’s.   Keep an atmosphere of reason, honesty and high standards yourself. And if you have a choice of whom to work with, connect with those who hold the same standards. 

Be firm, be clear but there’s no need to whack anyone with that sword either.  Today’s the day to continue to work toward true clarity of purpose and committment to your path.