Daily Divination April 17, 2011 Someone Left the Cake out in the Rain! 5 of cups/Mars/Scorpio Rebirth

Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain!

(5 of Cups/Mars/Scorpio)

“This above all:  to thine own self be true; And it must follow, as the night does the day; Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

—William Shakespeare

Today’s the divine messengers want you to remember LOVE.  No matter what the situation, there is always THAT.  You ‘are’ loved even if that which you were attached to—that which you thought that you loved—has been, in your present state of belief, lost.  Anyway, sometimes what we ‘think’ was love is but an unhealthy attachment because it was conditional or co-dependent and always when we have an erroneous believe that we ‘need’ this or that person, place, or thing in order to feel secure, comforted or happy… eventually, it must dissolve.  Either that or it gets ripped right out of our life.  Yet, the purpose for it relates to re-evaluating and re-prioritized our ideas about what the True Source of love, security and happiness really ‘is’.  And it is never anything outside of our very own self! 

Ahhhh, life can be cruel when our focus needs re-shaping.  There was a time in my life that everything blew up and fell apart… these times are such a familiar theme in the human condition that it has been given a name—the dark night of the soul.  And along with these times the thoughts run this way:  How could I have been so mistaken?  Why have I been abandoned?  What did I do to deserve this?  Why was this [person, place, thing] ripped away from me, and so suddenly? 

I’ve had more than one ‘dark night of the soul’ experience in my life. 

I used to really relate to that 60’s song MacArthur Park and would sing it at top of my lungs—

♫ “Someone left the cake out on the rain, MaArthur Park is melting in the rain… ♫

"Someone left the cake out in the rain..." We forget that our creations are not meant to remain forever and ever, Amen.

♫ “I don’t think that I can take it ’cause it took so long to bake it and I’ll never have that recipe again…

 Oh, nooo! …. Oh, no-oooooo” ♫

 Gosh, I really loved that one and ‘got it’ on a deep soul level… but now as I’m listening to it, there’s no emotional charge like there was way back then. That song used to trigger my soul very deeply but no longer does.

And that’s life, you know? Such exquisite highs and lows when we’re working through deep soul stuff.  I remember a time… how time flies!  I just did the math; it was 11 years ago.  I had started to type “not that long ago”, deleted that and did the math just now–amazing!  It’s been 11 years since the time when I cried every day for 3 solid weeks due to a traumatic loss—it seemed like all the sorrows of my soul over thousands of millennium were being played over.  It was a time of great release. And looking back now, that loss that felt so traumatic then, as I look back it now, it nearly seems laughable.  It felt like a death and was horribly troubling and distressful!  Three solid weeks of it;  but, then…

I’ll never forget the most beautiful day when the realization came at day’s end when speaking with a friend the exact words as it became suddenly apparent, “Wow, I just realized I haven’t cried today!” 

And the next day... everything looked clean and crisp and colors were more vivid than I’d ever seen them in my entire life... that moment of the butterfly and flower and the fascination with the allure of life (love!) itself.

And the next day when on my way out to my car to drive to the store, everything looked clean and crisp and colors were more vivid than I’d ever seen them in my entire life.  I was keenly aware of every leaf on every tree moving in the breeze and a butterfly landed on a nearby flower and I thought my heart was going to burst with love and joy! 

I was enthralled and enchanted with the warmth of the Sun on my face and the magic of the day.  I remember thinking, Oh, let it stay like this forever—this moment, so wonderful! 

New beginning… newness of life… a re-birthing…

I was seeing and appreciating everything that was there all along and that I hadn’t noticed before–at least not in the way I was now.

  There was the feeling of hope and newness dancing in my spirit.  I had walked through the fires of hell and cleaned out all the sorrow and deep regrets– all that was gone. 

I knew life would never be the same. 

I vowed to recall that moment whenever I needed it in the future… that moment of the butterfly and flower and the fascination with the allure of life (love!) itself. And I’m doing so for you, the reader, right now.   I will carry this in my soul always to call up again should I ever need it.

It’s all around you, even if you can’t seem to see it right now for any reason… love and joy are all around you!

And while you might be trying (like I was for three weeks during the that time that I just mentioned) to get into that state of mind and state of being that I described above, try to accept that the soul is doing its work and you’re along for the ride.  And we can flip the meaning of the ‘cake out in the rain’ and say that it won’t last–nothing does; that’s the nature of life!  And we take it way too seriously.

There are those times when the soul works hard and goes deep to release attachments at times when we are not being true to ourself.   But then… the re-birth! 

 We “forget to remember” that our creations and experiences are not really meant or intended to last forever and ever, Amen. 

People have to move, relationships dissolve, businesses fail, storms come, houses are lost, people say goodbye—and none of it is anything that we should become overly attached to or make “too real”—you see?  When we do, that’s how suffering happens.  That’s what the Buddha taught.    

It’s not easy to write about this 5 of Cups energy today—it relates to Mars in Scorpio and if you want to know either of those archetypes which relate to each other as the same energy, I’ve just written about it!  If you listen to the MacArthur Park song (and it’s all metaphors of course!) you’ll get a feel for the 5 of cups and Mars in Scorpio. 

Mars, the conscious desires of the soul, all separating desires (separating from the divine energy of love within) are being transmuted and transformed in the sign of Scorpio!  It’s like the Hero’s Journey that Joseph Campbell wrote about…

Return to seeing the ... Authentic Self


The journey ends up pointing back to oneself, to the power and love within, the authentic self. 

 By the way, the numerological message with 5 of cups is related to the message today as well… change!  5 in numerology is thought to carry the meaning “change”. 

In this case, it is the change that is necessary when we believe more in the “ideal” rather than what actually “is”. 

We see this in relationships where people are just not seeing one another clearly, living in denial.  Why so?  Because they don’t see themselves clearly!

Partners are relating to each other through their own rose-colored glasses of the ideal and they don’t see the truth of the reality right in front of them!  Eventually, when the time is ripe (the karma is ripened), the glasses and masks are ripped off and that awakening occurs and yes, it can be painful, but after that–as always–a new day!

It’s a beautiful Sunday in the Appalachian Mountains today and I didn’t want to “go there”—remembering the MacArthur Park, but I did it for you, the reader, and in the spirit of loving service.

Here are a few lines from T.S. Elliot to finalize today’s message:

“There is another way if you have the courage…

[The Way] is unknown and so requires faith

The kind of faith that issues from despair

The destination cannot be described;

You will know very little until you get there

You will journey blind

But the way leads toward possession

Of what you have sought for in the wrong place”