Daily Divination April 16, 2011 Detangling from the Past; 7 of Pentacles relates to Saturn in Taurus


Take a small step today and then enjoy the rest of your day!

This message applies to NOW no matter which day you read this….

 You’ve seen some recent results of necessary change now and taking stock and finding out where you stand is the point you’re at, but don’t let it overwhelm you.  You’re not there yet–and maybe you don’t even know for sure exactly where “there” is; be okay with that for now–but it’s time to breathe the air of freedom and taste some of the fruits of the experience of recent days.  You can let up a bit today. 

Today’s message is about taking the next step—yes, it can seem overwhelming when a new and fresh start is up ahead.  How do we detangle from the past?  Melancholy aside—there’s time for that later if you must. 

It may look overwhelming and it may be tempting to throw in the towel but you know that turning back isn’t the answer and is even more complicated than moving ahead. 

 Forget the past for now—who is right, who is wrong or all the whys and wherefores will reveal themselves gradually over time. 

The important thing is the next step, one at a time.  Take an action today, any action—a small step is all that’s needed today.  With the rest of your free time today, recuperate.  Using percentages, 25% action toward future and 75% rest and relaxation—that’s how I see it shown in my mind. 

Sure, there are fields to be plowed, seeds to be planted, weeds to pull and it may look daunting but don’t focus on that, just start getting out the seeds or pulling a few weeds or ready the plow.  These are analogies of course—unless you actually do have a garden to ready for planting! 

The idea is that this is no time to entertain fears or worries about either the past or the future—you must not let either paralyze you to the point that nothing at all gets done today (or in the spirit of divine timing, on whichever day you read this).

Archetypically, this tarot card for today’s message from the cosmos is inspired by the 7 of Pentacles energy which is similar to the energy of Saturn in Taurus.  Saturnian energy is often times associated with “depression”, it can be heavy and Taurus can be stubborn; but both are associated with Earth energy.  A keyword for Saturn is “work” and also “discipline”  and for Taurus which is  associated with survival issues a key word is “self-reliance”.

[By the way, transiting/moving Saturn is retrograde right now in Libra, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you, personally, relate this message to an issue around relationships of some kind. I’ve addressed the opposition to a herd of planets in Aries in a previous post.]

Take a step—any step, even a small one–today to advance your itinerary around survival needs (Taurus), a step that only you can take.  Make a commitment (Saturn) to yourself that you will take a small step toward a new future, even if you aren’t sure what that future will be yet and even if you feel the work (Saturn) involved will be overwhelming, just do a little… You’ll feel better! 

Then take the rest of the day to relax and enjoy something pleasurable (Taurus), most especially something involving nature and the great outdoors (Taurus).  Most importantly, don’t look back—that’s only going to create sadness (Saturn)—but if you do and can’t help yourself, try to realize or acknowledge that past failures and success (both) have served as great teachers for you and then smile that smile of inner knowing.

Remember, one small step and then enjoy the rest of your day! 

That’s the cosmic broadcast.  What you do today will create your tomorrow…