Divination Message April 15, 2011 Power of Concentration for Inward Inspiration Leading to Outward Manifestation—is it Magic?

Power of Concentration for Inward Inspiration Leading  Outward for Manifestation—is it Magic?

The Magician!  Today’s message is about aligning the ego with the soul or aligning the will of the ego with the will of the divine.  Don’t like that terminology? How about aligning the left brain with the right? The Divine Messengers today say:  Balance all areas of life and then surrender.  That last bit may be easier said than done.  My job is to disseminate today’s cosmic broadcast, but in the spirit of divine order, whichever day you come across this post doesn’t matter.  It will always apply to NOW.  On to the divination message…..

If a person is aware in the least bit and paying attention to Life at all, there absolutely positively have to be moments when something undeniable happens to clearly communicate that there are mysterious forces at work in their life—unexplainable events or circumstances—which clearly demonstrate that there’s… well, “magic” and we could call that divinity if we’d like.

Essentially, there are two types of magic that most people talk about—white and black.  What are the differences?  It’s about who’s got the power.  Ego or Soul? Higher will or lower will?  Left brain or right?  Earth or the Heavens?  Who has the control?  How much can we control and manipulate energy or manifestation exclusively from ego?  I’d bet that followers of “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” who are not working with “white” magic will tell you of their limitations. 

Personal will and divine will intersect—and it’s the age-old story of light and dark, good and evil, separation and return as we walk in this world of duality.  Here’s a good phrase to exemplify my meaning:  “The power of love trumps the love of power”.  So when we talk about manipulating and controlling others or any energy, this could be considered black magic since we are not coming from the “power of love” when our intentions are self-serving or when we are stealing energy from another… no matter which kingdom we’re referring to—plant, animal, human, etc.

When we, as humans, betray one another intentionally for our own self-gratification or ego-inflation or in any way try to pry power away from another [and we do this all the time and disguise it with a myriad of excuses], then this, too, could be considered a type of black magic.  Again, it goes back to that simple line and to do a reality check about this, one could ask oneself, “Are my intentions and actions coming from the power of love or the love of power?”  And then watch how the ego jumps in with the litany of excuses and “but’s”.  Listen carefully and you will nearly hear yourself say it—“I know this is wrong but I want what I want because _______________.” 

Whether we’re trying to manipulate energy for the purpose of proving our ego power using the so-called “Secret” or the so-called “Law of Attraction” or we’re stealing it from other people through manipulative tactics which interfere with their free will in order to empower ourselves with their energy—it’s a form of black magic.  However, when we surrender and release our own control over outcomes simply by aligning within with the power of love and the inner intention that however the energies play out, whether you get what you think that you want OR NOT, that the outcome be what is natural, what is divine, what is in alignment with the souls of all involved, then the alignment the other force, the force of love, is activated [white magic].  That last part, people really have trouble with that letting go and surrendering part—and right there we have it!  Have what?  Have the core of meaning that is being conveyed in this writing here… that age-old struggle of good and evil and light and dark and so on. 

The Magician Card in Tarot relates to Mercury which is associated with left brain, communication, writing, speaking, thinking, information, messenger, logic, opinions, intellect, paradox and interesting enough “trickster”.  Looking at the image on the Magician Card itself, we see the concentrated effort of manifestation but with the symbols of the four elements of earthly life—water (cups), air (swords), earth (pentacles), fire (wands) and with one hand raised to the heavens and the other lowered to the earth, the Magician himself is but the channel uniting the two forces of heaven and earth.  Yet, giving recognition to the power above him is depicted and many times that power connection has to do with being joyful, loving and accepting in certain ways.  I’ll give an example…

joyful, loving, simple acceptance while being the best human being possible

I remember one of the first times that I was aware that I manifested a desire. Perhaps it would be more correct to say I was blissfully UN-aware.  I was a late bloomer an didn’t begin to really awaken until my late 40’s and at that time I had a strong desire to be able to give my daughter’s a computer although I had no money to purchase one.  That’s when computers were much more expensive than they are now and were just beginning to become available for individuals in the home.  I had no idea what I was doing as far as the manifestation process is concerned.  All I possessed was a strong desire that was heavily laced with emotion and because I, the “little me” could not see any way to make such a purchase there was no choice but to release my attachment to the outcome and surrendered to the way things were.  Yet, and I think this is the important part, at this time in my life, I was also very balanced and very joyful otherwise.  I had accepted how it was and otherwise my simple focus was to be the best human I could be.  Self-improvement was my focus and I was beginning my spiritual journey in that sense as I felt great love for life and other people and began to devote myself to daily meditation.  I wasn’t trying to manifest anything or manipulate energy—I was simply being accepting, joyful and loving.  You might say that I was balanced and trying to live that “heaven on earth” lifestyle on the inside, despite the outer world and was living in a state of surrender.  I still had the desire to be able to provide a computer for my daughters, but I surrendered to the way things were.  I wasn’t trying to manipulate or control energy, nor did I ever realize I could.

One day, a friend of my daughters arrived at the door with computer in hand; and gave his computer to my girls because he purchased a new one for himself!  In was a moment of awakening for me—I made the connection!  In other words, I realized that wasn’t happenstance and there was no accident and it all hit me like a ton of bricks!  That was my personal example of how manifestation works.  My letting go and surrendering was out of blissful ignorance, but now I can do it with awareness. 

Concentration (Mercury relates to The Magician) is required to hold all of those energies in balance while at the same time surrendering.  Keeping an inner attunement that is both humble and powerful while aligning with the power of the cosmos—this is today’s message.  Do this and the universe will handle the rest of the details.  Create through a joyful and loving heart… keep this attitude and surprise manifestations could happen at any time! 

The power of concentration in today’s message has more to do with concentrating on efforts to remain joyful and loving in the mind and heart… concentrate efforts there and the resulting balance creates an open and receptive channel.  I’ve said it about 10 different ways in this post; hopefully, I’ve been successful at conveying the gist of today’s cosmic broadcast; it’s one that’s not always translated easy into Mercurial words.