Daily Divination April 14, 2011 Extremes in Relationships; Maturing, Fairness; Justice Card Relating to Libra


Emotional extremes or extreme actions and behaviors… this  is today’s topic.

Fairness, self-righteousness, truth, balance and choice-making regarding that which is as good for one’s self as well as good for all concerned…   today’s cosmic message broadcast is inspired by the major arcana tarot card Justice which relates to Libra energy.

So, extreme energy versus balanced and fair energy—that’s the topic that the divine messengers are calling our attention to today–no matter what day you read this.  Anyway, yes… Extreme!  Totally.

Libra energy can be very extreme.

Ever know someone who, it seems, simply  just can’t go down a middle path in life?

What comes to mind is this little verse,

There was a little girl, who had a little curl,

right in the middle of her forehead…

When she was good, she was very, very good,

and when she was bad, she was horrid!  –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My grandparents and aunt used to recite that one to me, about me, when I was a little girl.  That’s Libra type energy all over!  Extreme!  When unbalanced (and Libra is inherently unbalanced, striving ‘for’ balance), “extreme” is a perfect description.  I so very much personally get that with 4 planets in Libra in my birth chart.  Anyway…

I’ve lived out those extremities of energy and have a real sensitivity to “law” which is also related to the Justice card and Libra energy—meaning, I pretty much don’t like laws and authority, especially when they don’t make sense (to me)!  I did my taxes Sunday night—there’s a law for you.  And have been working with understanding marriage and divorce laws to assist someone who is going through that legal process.  So it’s interesting that today’s message comes through the Justice card, associated with Libra (relationship) energy.  Neither marriage law nor tax law makes much sense to me, but I understand the necessity of the guidelines and the attempt at unbiased fairness in both.

Venus, of course, rules Libra and also Taurus.  Taurus is about inner relating (to self) and Libra is about outer relating (to others) and about listening objectively to what others in relationship to you are actually saying—meaning taking your blinder’s off, removing your filter and really objectively hearing other people.  How many of us do that well without self-interest getting in the way?

I think the message today—or here’s a stream of it coming through to my consciousness as I type this right now it this relates to man-made law versus universal law or natural law.  So let us say that today (or any time in future that you read this in the spirit of divine order) that you are feeling like you are in a dense forest of darkness or confusion about something in life and don’t quite know how to handle it.

And let’s say you are searching for truth is some matter.  There’s the law to help guide you. Universal laws have compassion and kindness as part of the package—man-made law doesn’t always carry that same quality.  I’d like to think that laws are guideposts or guidelines rather than absolutes; although I concede that absolutes are needed in some cases.

Can you see how Libra can be?  A phrase often associated with Libra is, “On the other hand… “.  I sort of did that in the paragraph above.  Guidelines and guideposts?  Or absolutes?  Which is it?  Getting the indecisiveness that is part of the Libra quality of energy?   And the answer is, in perfect Libra order–it depends.  This is because Libra energy can easily see both sides of issues and of course this is why many judges of the court and mediators and counselors usually have a lot of Libra energy in their birth chart AKA psyche/soul.  Libra can see all sides to an issue or question and strives to make fair compromises—after lots of deliberation of course!

When we are in harmony with the laws of nature, we are protected via natural “law” through the creation of a healthy body/mind/spirit—and that’s because we have achieved a state of inner balance.  It’s a matter of aligning with what’s natural.

In the man-made system of legal matters and justice, we can see how there can be manipulation due to mis-judgments of what is fair.  Fair for who?  We can use man-made law to force our will upon another and sometimes that works and other times it backfires.  The reason that it does, I believe, is that there is a cosmic law that overrules man-made law–any time we try to force our will upon another person, we have gone to extremes and it can only boomerang.

Taking off the blinders and seeing life objectively isn’t easy, especially when it comes to relationships that are emotionally charged.   Seeing a situation based on only what “you” want and what “you” believe is fair (sometimes we can’t see clearly and this affects our belief about what’s fair) can create additional conflict in relationships—and when that battle occurs, there’s the law.  And it’s either “man-made” or “cosmic-universal” and we can use either one to guide us, protect us and to consult with in order to help us see more objectively.

Our relationships are complex but on a soul level they are such fertile ground for deep personal growth and awareness, especially if we take off the blinder and see the “other” as the mirror for the self.  There can be distortions of course, like those funky mirrors in carnival Fun Houses. And there can be a difficulty in the ability to separate out what it is that belongs to one’s self and what belongs to another.  Sometimes it can seem like a monumental task but… that’s what today’s bottom line message is about and how to lessen the drama.  So here it is…

When there is self-worth and self-reliance in good amounts this inner energy becomes the law for itself and the strength and balance within the self is heightened so that relating to others occurs from a place of strength within the self.  Notice the two objects in the image above on the Justice card… the blinder’s are off, the symbol of the sword for strength and inner authority is in one hand and the scales of inner balance in the other.

As I’ve been blogging about for a while, Saturn is retrograde in Libra and will remain so until June 12th.  We’re all being challenged to look at relationships now.  Saturn is associated with society and through its rulership over the 10th house Saturn is also rules over career issues and so relationships in those areas are affected as well.

It is vital, however, to keenly consider that Saturn is also associated with issues of maturing and maturity i.e. growing up!  There’s a part within each of us that is like the little girl with the little curl who when we are bad, “we are horrid”.

We often times bring unresolved childhood issues into our adult relationships (the 10th house polarity to the 4th).

Any place where we are immature (Saturn retrograde) regarding our relationships to others (Libra), the universal force energies are pushing us to mature.

Questions for inner contemplation:  Are you overly self-focused?  Are you being objectively fair? Or are you doing the opposite, giving in too much in relationships thereby weakening yourself and losing your sense of (Aries polarity to Libra) self-identity?