Divination Message April 4, 2011 Divine Satisfaction and Optimism; Knight of Cups Leads the Way Forward

A satisfying journey! No matter what day you read this, it’s always true…

That’s the feeling right off the top when I see the Knight of Cups Tarot Card which inspires today’s divination message.

The message being broadcasted from The Cosmos which I am intercepting is about looking forward to what is ahead and knowing each moment from this point forward will be a great adventure and this undertaking is being cherished and a long time coming!

The Knight of Cups message from Higher Mind is to “get into it”… recapture that feeling!  You know what it is, you’ve had it before (even if was a long, long time ago)… trace back in your memory.  It’s that time again@!

From here on out, it’s going to be really enjoyable… freedom has been awarded… it has been earned and will be appreciated like never before.

Pursuing of the dream is what today’s message is about and better yet you get to do it with no fear because there is a deep knowing down at the core of your being that everything is going to be okay—and there’s a confidence about that which cannot be shaken or disturbed.

Call these feelings to the front and center now and act!  Take the journey and relish the adventure.

There’s opportunity in the air and renewed self-commitment is calling.

Enjoy the day! It’s YOUR time!

This is a day for romanticism of Life Itself!  — no matter what day you are reading this, it’s always true.

Could it be that the transiting Sun having  just crossed over Jupiter (the Planet of Optimism) and also that there’s less than one degree of separation between the two brilliant points in the cosmos be the reason for thisw broadcast?  — It could so very well be@!

PS — CNN might be broadcasting some news…but then there’s the Divine Broadcast from The Cosmos.. ✩to which broadcast frequency are you tuned?✩