Divination Message April 6, 2011 Energies Are NOW Prime for Creating a New Identity! 7 of Wands relates to Mars in Leo

Daily Divination Message — Energy is Prime for a New Identity — Don’t Fight It

How can we sometimes be our “own worst enemy”?  Do we sometimes fight against the forces of life that are present to help us in our evolution, growth and development?  Many years ago I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say, “Bless your petty tyrants, for they are your greatest teachers.”  What he meant by that (I believe) is that the people, situations and issues of difficulty in your life are present for the evolution of your soul.  We are always, at all times (I truly believe) surrounded by caring forces, Divine Friends of Light, from higher dimensions of reality (whatever “reality” really is!) who are available to us to assist.  And there are some here upon the earth too.  Personally, I harbor the illusion that I am part of that force in human form. 

Today, the tarot card that inspires the daily divination message is the Seven of Wands (or Rods).  This card relates to Mars in Leo.  Currently, however, Mars is transiting through Aries, its own sign.  No matter, the message for today is about having the courage, despite perceived obstacles—which are really there to assist us, to create (Leo) and to live our purpose (Leo) in whatever way we desire.  Mars in Leo is a little bit about risk-taking and having the courage (mars), thusly, to live our dream (Leo).  Today’s divination message is to have the courage and determination to reach your goal with creativity and leadership!  And the energy right now can help you make that kind of progress.  It’s no time to bow out with the intense energy that we have in place right now.  (See yesterday’s, April 5th, blog post for more details.)

I can really see how Mars in Leo relates to the Seven of Rods (Wands)—can’t you?  This is the message being broadcasted today from Universal Mind or the Higher Mind of Intelligence.  Take it or leave it, but that’s how I see it.

Where’s the (Mars/Aries) activity happening in your life?  What’s being stirred up for you?  Where are you being confronted by Life?  Whatever it is, your soul has called it in for evolutionary soul growth purposes.

Mercury retrograde right now will help you bring up those issues of the past, especially regarding how communication (Mercury) energy is involved, and all the Aries energy will help you with the courage to deal with what was perhaps shoved to the side to address on a later day—the later day is NOW! 

And for the kitten energy out there, the gentle and kind and “I don’t want to rock the boat” type of mentality, you are now being given the energy to really stand up for yourself.  Let the chips fall where they may, you called in the current circumstance or person to help you do that.  We play (Leo) roles for each other—as Shakespeare said in ‘As You Like It’, All the world’s a stage…. And that’s Leo energy all over.  Wherever the Leo drama is for you right now, remember that you called it in to create a new start, a new beginning and to birth a new part of your self and your life.

In the 7 of Rods (Wands), the seeker has an opportunity to confront problems and obstacles and is gathering the confidence to do that.  All the current Aries energy will help us with sustained effort and determination.  Don’t lose heart even if you perceive this as a dark moment; be brave and face your fears with spiritual tenacity!

Energy is breaking free now and sometimes that can hurt—just like blood stagnation that causes pain.  Eat some ginger if you can and now here comes my appetite for a

Ginger Root

 Japanese meal and some beautiful picked ginger.  Ginger helps with circulation and that’s where the little side-show of this paragraph came from.

While I’m doing the ginger thing here a moment… it is also lowers blood pressure as well as improving circulation, is good for stomach upset (ginger ale) and arthritis.  There are probably other benefits of ginger but, anyway…

Now is the time to become clear about what is really important to you and now we have to be true to the self (the Leo energy combined with Mars that correlates to this Tarot card) and live what we believe, no matter what type of criticism we may have been fearful of in the past.  We all need to pull ourselves up by the boot straps, so-to-speak, and determine how to present ourselves in this new self-identity that we are creating.  In this new identity we are all creating for ourselves, we may not know exactly how it is going to out-picture exactly yet, but we  are getting the inner resolve pretty clearly and we know the kind of person we want to be—different than before.  It’s like an identity crisis, isn’t it? 

We’re all in the process of creating a new self-image and we are calling in everything we need to do it.  We just have to remember not to fight against it and to remember that saying from Wayne, “Bless your petty tyrants, for they are your greatest teachers!”

And  remember, too, that we are always surrounded by caring forces and to me they appear as balls of light that hang with us wherever we go and in whatever we do—give them a call sometime!  They are only a thought away.