Daily Divination Message March 31, 2011 Virgo Sun Relates to 8 of Pentacles;Mercury Retro in Aries; Change and Freedom!

8 of Pentacles Relates to Sun in Virgo; Start Where You Are and Give What You Can. Mercury Retrograde produces new self-dialogue around change and freedom

Today’s divination message has to do with being present, available and willing to work with the details of life and Life Itself.  That’s Virgo energy all over! Today I drew the 8 of Pentacles.  That tarot card relates to the Sun in Virgo archetype energy.  The essence of service, in other words, and further the idea of releasing the unwillingness to use one’s skills and self-critical attitudes in that regard—this is the focus of today’s divination message. 

I’m feeling the synchronicity of drawing this card because earlier today I created and sent out my weekly newsletter which contained this same theme.  I had to write it fast today because the schedule is getting busy.  And here I see the card that I just drew a second ago carries the same theme as the newsletter I wrote a few hours ago.  It’s sort of like what we, in astrology, call a “double signature” or repeating signature in a chart.

The Virgo (6th house) archetype relates astrologically to our job as well as our health.  Interesting how those two are linked together to the same life area (house). The health has to be balanced in order to work efficiently, thus the link with the two areas.  Virgo also relates to self-criticism and perfecting skills as well.  Humility and self-criticism may be two pieces of the same pie so-to-speak but a little bit goes a long way.  Too much self-criticism can be too self-effacing; we can’t be overly bashful while still being effective in our work, no matter what that work is.  Like I said, a little humility can go a long way when we’re dealing with Virgo energy.

I think the overall message for today’s divination delivery is that we must continue to strive for perfection in life and good discipline helps—determined effort like I wrote in a blog a few days ago—and as long as we do our best, it isn’t necessary to be so self-critical that we are afraid to used our skills.  We continue to learn, grow and evolve.  We don’t have to be “perfect” to use our talents, we just have to start using them.

I remember hearing my favorite astrologer say something once.  He asked an astrology student how long he’d been studying astrology.  The student replied, “Over 20 years.”  And the student was then asked when he thought he’d be ready to use what he knew to help someone.  And the student said, “Maybe in a few more lifetimes!”  Take what you know, he was told, and begin to help someone with just the very basics, just explaining someone’s Sun Sign to them can be helpful to someone who knows nothing about it.  The same thing applies to any endeavor. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Teach what you know, share what you’ve learned even if it isn’t in a perfected state yet and release any of those Virgo-type feelings that you’re not yet good enough or don’t know enough.  Give what you can and start where you are!  When you offer yourself in service, it’s always more than enough!

The other part of the message is that sometimes it is necessary for us to isolate ourselves from others temporarily in order to concentrate, and to make determined efforts without being distracted.  But at some point, even if we are still studying to apply a skill, we can take what we know and help others with that knowledge.  Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury; the planet of communication.  Mercury has just turned retrograde.  It is in the sign of Aries now which sort of turns up the heat on communication, but the retrograde is about inward energy.  This feels to me like inner dialogue and communication, as in our talks with ourself, may take on some intensity.  Self dialogue may involve words of courage (Aries) and new ways of conducting our inner dialogue–even as we may have to go over past territory, reviewing the past–and changing the patterns of self-talk that include more passion. More freedom and independence may be part of the inner-dialogue also. Perhaps less self-criticism and a new willingness to create a new self-image.  Aries rules that first house of self-image.  You may find yourself having inner discussions in your meditations in these areas too.