Daily Divination March 29, 2011 USING WILL; The Chariot; the Sign of Cancer

Practice using your will – that is the first impression that came when I drew this card for today’s divination message.  This requires tenacity, determination and courage.  I often hear the Dalai Lama use those words together like that.  I love the way he says, “Determined effort!” with the sound of the wisdom gained from experienced behind them.  The next link that comes with this is as long as your will doesn’t interfere with another person’s will to express theirs.  The Dalai Lama often uses his phrase “determined effort” when he is describing being devoted to one’s own path and regarding spiritual efforts.  Determined in the way of the peaceful warrior—a warrior that is receptive to the inner guidance that is always flowing toward the conscious mind.

A side message:  Who’s will?  So many times we see those who cannot control their own emotions (Cancer relates to The Chariot) will try to control others, using their will to overpower another instead of using the will to discipline the self and master the self-emotions.  The Chariot reminds us that this is a perverted mis-use of power

In the image of The Chariot on the tarot card, we see the vehicle as the manifestation here on earth of the physical body and personality/ego.  Today’s message is about our use of our “vehicle” as an expression of our true self and about how to use this vehicle (physical body and personality/ego) in such a way that we are sheltered from or protected against the bombardment of thoughts from race consciousness or what some would call the “insane world”.

Patterns of thought—mostly thought about life needing to be a “struggle”—is what the human that we see on the image of the tarot card is using his “vehicle” to drive through or separate from.  He has taken refuge within even whilst in the midst of life on earth.

He is liberating from old patterns of thought that bind him and he is learning to distinguish between the true desires of the enlightened self from the compulsive (and sometimes obsessive) desires of the un-awakened self. How is this achieved?  Here’s where the zodiac sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon) comes into play.  Through the study of his emotions!  The Moon and Cancer relate to emotions and also to self-image or creating an self-identity through which to function.  Learning to control those emotions by taking the middle way in life between life’s polarities and stilling the mind and using the powers of concentration—directing his will in that way with, as the Tibetan holy man would say, “With determined effort!”  This helps the mind function “as a whole”—key words. Mind and body and spirit functioning as a whole will allow the ch’i (the natural energy of the universe) to flow freely.

If you have been following my blog posts the last couple of days or so, the new reality or the idea of waking from the dream to create a new one has been a theme.  Today the message follows that we have the ability now to create anew and a choice to implement but what follows is the need for determined effort and this effort is enhanced by creating balance within. 

Emotions must be in balance with mind and body so that one receives the energy to express the determined effort to create from choice (see last blog post regarding choice).

Practice—practice using one’s will in whatever way it is necessary in any given moment.  That’s what today’s message is about.  Fix the mind and heart on a goal–these are the messages of the Chariot; and concentrate your energies (determined effort) on mastering your emotions so that your “vehicle” can be strong enough to hold you, carry you, and transport you throughout your travels.

Right now we see structures are dissolving and new ones being born and this uncertainty create feelings of instability and insecurity.  As humans we want to be secure, to feel secure. Who doesn’t?  But it seems that we have to step out of our safety zone or comfort zone in order to have new experiences and grow—it seems (to me) that everyone is getting on global or universal message during this time and that is to release old structures so new experiences can happen and so growth can occur. 

We can either let our insecurities and obsessive thoughts get the better of us and try to go back into the old pattern (which won’t work by the way) or we can use the message the comes through today about determined effort and balancing the emotions right now so that effort can be applied to new choices we will be making. 

A new level of self-mastery is being called for.

The Chariot card and Cancer represent positive aspects of the ego (the vehicle).  Strong, self-assured confidence is what today’s message is about. 

Just as a final note, this card always brings to mind that a successful outcome is assured so there’s no real need to get too ‘gawd-awful’ serious about it all.  We should try, as best we can, to enjoy the journey.  It’s over all too soon!