Divination Message for March 28, 2011 Structures are Dissolving – Neptune and Hanged Man

The Hanged Man! The Suspended Person! Surrender!   This tarot card correlates with Neptune—the planet of illusion, delusion on the lower octaves and of spirituality and higher mind in the higher octave.  What a weekend it was! Did you find a need to surrender anywhere in your life and is that need still present right now?  The divination message for today comes from The Hanged Man and Neptune.
Do you feel the intense energy right now that correlates with exactly this? I won’t go into details, but over the weekend there was an episode with someone very close to me that totally shifted a situation into a new reality—yet that reality is not yet stabilized.

I see this theme with people who call for readings right now and nearly everybody I speak with—a new reality, but we have little or no details yet about how it’s going to manifest, at least not exactly.
I think that it’s a good time to do some intention setting. It is almost like a blank slate is before us now and the universe/psyche/soul is asking us what we wish to create next because the old just  isn’t going to work anymore; at least not in the way it has in the past, if at all!
There’s a feeling within me that I keep relating back to a scene from the movie, Inception, which I blogged about recently. If you saw the movie, you may remember the scene that related to the deepest level of the subconscious where the buildings were turning to sand and crumbling. It feels like this, most especially over this past weekend, and certainly the experience of  the person who is very close to me whose reality shifted over this past weekend would agree!  I’m feeling it within and seeing it all around.  Not just in that person’s life, believe me.  Its happening everywhere.

 The old structure of reality just isn’t working for us anymore and this can feel very destabilizing.
I was recollecting a time in my past, discussing it with a friend by phone earlier today. It was a time that is very familiar to the time we’re experiencing right now. Back then, I wanted to be told what to do and my lament in those days went something like, “If god and the angels or spirit guides or higher self (or whoever) will just show me what to do, I’ll do it!” I knew the old structure was changing back then just like I do right now! This went on for months actually.   I had a close spiritual friend at the time in those days who was saying the very same thing!

Then one fine day, I had a reading with my psychic teacher’s teacher and the very first thing out of his mouth was, “Joy, I am hearing to tell you that if you decide what you want to create, they will help you create it!” I was astounded that I had CHOICE. And I think that’s where we’re at right now—many of us anyway.

Some may know which particular reality they want to create and others don’t even know they have a choice about it in the first place.  Still others ‘do’ know that they have choice but don’t know what  choice to make.  The tendency will be to want to recreate a past that can no longer work. 
The point I’m trying to make is that spirit guides, etc. – at these times of transition—will help us manifest and restructure, but won’t necessarily tell us what to do. They (higher mind) may show us options through daydreams and visions and work through the mouths of others around us to give a few suggestions. But it is up to us… it’s about CHOICE.
It was such a cold weekend here in the mountains laced with dampness and rain. My heating oil is getting low and I didn’t feel like feeding a fire all weekend. So, I went into one room with my laptop and a small electric heater and worked there.  Then I decided to reward myself with a movie. It was called The Nature of Existence. Essentially, this guy goes all over the world asking questions about why we’re here on Earth.

I bring it up because, as it is with me and movies, there was a message in it for me. One scene, just a few lines, keeps on sticking with me. The bottom line is that a man who viewed over 40 uncovered human bodies in a morgue was profoundly struck by the idea that the purpose of life is about CHOICE.   He said to himself, “Those people no longer have a choice, cannot make any more choices and he was filled with inspiration realizing that he still could!” 

As long as we are incarnate in a living, breathing body, we have choice!
Part of our ability to surrender—relating back to today’s divination message from Neptune and the tarot card, Hanged Man—is necessary in order to be in a position to make a decision in the first place.

Today’s divination message goes something like this. Old structures are dissolving, changing, collapsing. Trying to hold on to them is futile and surrendering to the dissolving of the old patterns is necessary before you can get into a position of making the decision about what you wish to experience in the new reality that wants to take form but is waiting for your decision, your CHOICE.  Surrender to the old, let go of the old so that the new can be born.  Choice is breathing life into the energy available to us now. 

Neptune dissolves boundaries in consciousness and dissolves those boundaries, period. That’s the archetype of the energy of Neptune.
The picture on the card of The Hanged Man of tarot feels like life is upside down and that is how it may feel for many of us in life right now. Look at what happened in Japan and how many said it felt surreal… that’s the energy exactly!

Life feels surreal for many people right now. In Japan, semi-trucks floating in the ocean and cars on top of houses… everything out of its normal place.  Dictators at the top of the pyramid are now falling — in more ways than one!

Neptune and The Hanged Man are giving the message today that this is a good time to go on a VISION QUEST!

 Usual thinking must be reversed and new inspiration received. Our rigid viewpoints about reality need to be softened. Since Neptune rules the ocean, the sea, what I am “getting” that at this time it may not be a bad idea to connect with that ocean energy. Maybe have some sushi and/or a little kelp or seaweed. (I love seaweed salad from a good Japanese restaurant.) And there’s another reference to Japan and as I say that word, it triggers love and compassion for our brothers and sisters there.

If I lived near the ocean right now, I think that I’d go pick up some seaweed from the shore and maybe put it in a pouch to carry around with me for a while. It will help me remember not to resist and to be willing to reverse my thinking or see life from a different view-point.
No matter in which ways your boundaries and structures are changing, surrender to that and go on a VISION QUEST in some way, remembering it’s about CHOICE.
Breathe deeply.

I will repeat here now in conclusion that which I’ve been starting my weekly newsletter with:

“When the past is dying and the future has not yet emerged… These are times of astounding inner growth–hang in there!!”

PS– this past weekend the MOON (emotion) was crossing over PLUTO (transformation).  Those two energies merged.  And that emotionally (Moon) charged Pluto reacted with the T-square to Saturn in Libra (retrograde) which  is opposing nearly every planet in the book all in the sign of impulsive ARIES ( Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Mars–like I said, all in ARIES).   No wonder, eh?  But all that is whole other post! — maybe even a whole book!