Divination Message from The Empress, Venus on the Move with Issues of Survival, Money, Value March 25, 2011

As soon as I pulled this card for today’s divination message, Venus came to my mind.   Venus is associated, in Tarot, with The Empress card.  Next thought:  Money!  Venus rules the 2nd house and the sign of Taurus.  Yes, and Libra too; but today’s message has to do with money.  Cold hard cash—that’s what I’m getting the messenger god’s want to discuss today. 

Venus, oops, I mean The Empress is sitting there (in the image of the card before me here) so regally looking confident and abundant.  No worries on her face, knowing she’s “got it”.  Got what?  She seems to be saying, “Everything I need is within me.” 

Where is the planet Venus in the heaven’s right now? What’s she doing?  What sign, what degree, and where’s she headed?  I’m about to take a look!

The Empress Card that was drawn for today brings a message about the area she rules—the 2nd house and Taurus—money, what is valued, and that same ole’ message that I personally seem to get over and over:  self-reliance! 

Having a look at Venus in my astrology software program; the connection seems significant.  The energy of Venus/The Empress is ‘culminating’.  Things are winding down and finishing up and even though, around these money and value matters people feel like, “C’mon already, let’s get going!” – Or as MJ would say, “Sha-mon!”  Even so, Venus is finishing things up. 

She is at 28 degrees, 10 min.  and that’s the tail-end!  There’s only 30 degrees in every sign.  She’s moving out of Aquarius and into Pisces.  The energy is about to shift. 

What energy?  Stuff that Venus rules!  And today’s message is about the money/value end of Venus’s rulership over those areas.  Money energy and anything having to do with value, what is valued—those types of issues—that’s the energy and that’s about today’s divination message.

It is said that any time any planet is at the end of a sign, things are concluding.   The words often use are “balsamic phase” and relate to a new cycle beginning and often when that phase happens there can be feelings of disillusionments, alienation and disassociation right before the energy shifts.   Venus moving through Aquarius as it would relate to money/value and self-reliance may have triggered old soul wounds for review and that energy is climaxing now.

So what will Venus in Pisces be about?  Pisces (ruled by Neptune) is about “All That Is” and about “No-boundary Divine Energy” and transcending barriers between you and Divine Mind.  There may be more culminations (Pisces itself is about culmination—and that’s right where Venus is headed). 

Now, before you say, “No planet out there is going to make an impact on ‘my’ life down here on earth!”—we’re talking about consciousness and emotions which translate into life experiences.  We’re talking about psyche and soul.  As above, so below; it all works in harmony together. 

Anyway, the message seems to be about releasing illusions and delusion about money/what is valued now.  Trust in The Divine and having faith as Venus moves to Pisces may be required; at least until Venus moves through Pisces. 

Venus moves fairly quickly, traveling with our Sun, and will be out of Pisces and into Aries April 21st (2011).  But Venus in Aries–that’s a whole other blog. 

The Empress as she speaks to me today about her cohort, the Taurus side of Venus, also brings up the word “intuition”—this card (as well as a few others in Tarot) is associated with intuition.  I’ve just remembered that her crown represents the 12-signs of the zodiac and it feels like she’s telling me that my astrological associations with her and Venus are valid.

It is The Empress card that always brings the reminder of our co-creatorship with The Divine.  Here associations with feminine/right brain energy link her with intuition and inspiration.

I am asking the Divine Feminine in the form of The Empress and Venus as I feel the association to Divine Mother to help us in the matters that I’ve described thus far in this post.  And I’m told that we are being inspired with new ideas and we can feel those and integrate them if we give ourselves opportunity to actually sit down on Earth Mother (weather permitting).  This will also help us be open to new situations that are coming before us.  She seems to promise that there’s nothing to worry about and to allow ourselves to “flow” with Venus into Pisces as we release our illusions and delusions about survival and materiality.

Aquarius can relate to both soul wounds and also group energy/community.  I see this in two of the three of my daughter’s lives (not sure about the other).  Just recently they’ve both told me that their efforts in their work have been recognized as being valuable as part of the “team”.  That would be an expression of Venus in Aquarius as it culminates now.  Just recently, I’ve been stepping up what I offer to “the (cyber) community” as evidenced by more frequent blog posts and now the daily divination messages—that’s my Venus in Aquarius culminating energy.  

We will have to see how the Venus in Pisces energy plays out over the next month, but for now…

The Empress via her connection with Venus seems to speak of working in harmony with the Divine—remembering you are loved for your own unique expression and value that within yourself.  You are deserving!, says the Empress and Venus; value yourself as you continue to nurture and care for others and you will be valued in return.  And enjoy the bountiful pleasures of Earth that you have at your disposal each and every day!  Keep to your generous and open spirit and have no worries.  All is well.