Divination Message March 23, 2011: 6 of Cups Relating to Scorpio Sun

With Saturn retrograde in Libra, not going direct again until June 12th (2011) and today’s card and astrological connection being about non-commitment in relationships, it seems the divine messengers want to talk about that very thing today–relationships.  I’d say that today’s message would apply to any type of relationship whether it be work related, family related, friend related or lover related. 

Intuitively, I’m getting the focus with Saturn  retrograde in Libra (Libra–the sign of relationships itself)  as it applies to the tarot card and associated Scorpio Sun would apply this way– the message being to not force change  and accept how things are at the moment… in whatever way that applies to your own personal affairs at this time.  But that’s not all to consider…

Many times we see a lack of commitment in relationships occur due to that age-old scorpionioc (is that an actual word-?) fear of betrayal, fear of loss, and lack of trust due to same.  Many times people want to just be friends–just like the pictures we often see on the tarot card, 6 of cups.   Can’t we just be friends?–says one partner. And the other says–No, I want your commitment.

  Funny how that goes!  The one who wants the commitment is usually the one who has the greater fear of committing to a partner in the first place and that’s why they draw that kind of partner in to start with Scorpio energy wants to merge, blend and become one yet at the very same time is fearful of being hurt in the process.  A dichotomy!   How is that resolved?  By developing emotional self-reliance, but that’s a whole other blog for another day.

Saturn retrograde in Libra (as it is now) can help us review our relationship patterns.   It almost feels like relationships now, business, personal or otherwise are a bit stalled out.  People seem to not exactly know for sure what in life, if anything, to commit to. 

Sometimes life offers us something pretty wonderful, but we put our hands behind our backs, not willing to accept because we are  being suspicious of everyone’s motives.  That’s Scorpio energy–at least one way the Scoroio archetype expresses. 

The bottom line message for today is not to take life so seriously, allow yourself to play with others in life in a loving and friendly way without worrying about commitment (either giving one or asking for one) for right now–get in touch with your childlike innocence, adding more fun time to your life. 

When Saturn, the planet ‘of’ commitment moves forward again after mid-June, why not re-evaluate these areas of concern again then?  For now, accept life as it is and don’t take it all so seriously.  Adopt an attitude of feeling blessed by all the simple joys of your human connections with others and release the Saturn-judgments.  Try to be, just for a little while, blissfully unaware about the human/societal  relationship rules and regulations.  Think the best of others and you will experience the best in them and in life in general.

Perhaps be willing to consider what is being offered in life without being overly-suspcious about it — that is the other message here.