Temperance and Saggitarius Daily Divination – March 22, 2011

Today’s divination message is associated with the tarot card TEMPERANCE. 

This card relates to the astrological sign of SAGGITARIUS.

Using keywords–today’s message involves healing and rebalancing as well as rebounding from an initiation that was recently experienced regarding self honesty and an adjustment to a personal belief.

Harmonizing polarities and adjusting to change!   This seems fitting since so many planets are moving into the sign of Aries (at the time of this writing), especially the planet of honesty itself – – Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius itself.  (Jupiter is currently transiting through the sign of Aries.)

Temperance is often about being more receptive to one’s inner guide – – spirit guide – – and is often associated with intuition.

With so many planets in Aries now (Aries–the sign of new beginnings) it’s more important than ever to be aware of one’s intuition (Sag), when the natural tendency of the Aries energy calls for creating new visions.  The Temperance card for today reminds us to be patient and temper the process of soul evolution that is occuring as we blend the old Pisces energy into the new Aries quality.

Any tendencies that we have today regarding adventure (Sagittarius) should be tempered with gentleness and patience (Temperance).  Easy does it!

 Since we have just experienced a letting go as part of a recent initiation which involves balancing the old with the new,  keep intune with natural law and keep higher  understandings about  the nature of reality itself (Sagittarius) in mind as your guiding force.

Have your belief about your life recently required an adjustment of attitude?  Have you felt like you were recently being tested or  initiated into a new reality?   Are you having new visions about your future and not sure which vision to energize? Right now the energy is about initiating, initiating, initiating – – trying it this way and trying it that way, and being patient (Temperance) with those ‘knowings’ that are coming from your right brain (Sagittarius).

Bottom line:  Be patient (Temperance) and let your intuition (Saggitarius)  guide you.  Be willing to initiate new things (Aries–many planets in Aries now), but remember balance and patience and the use of your intuition!  Don’t forget to take the right brain along on your new journey.