Venus in Aquarius Relates to Tarot 5 of Swords – Divination Message for March 17, 2011


Five of Swords Relates to

Venus in Aquarius


 I pulled the 5 of swords for guidance today for all of us, for you and me and whoever reads this post.   So now this 5 of swords card relates to Venus in Aquarius.  It just does. The relationship connection between this card and Venus in Aquarius is well-known; that doesn’t come from ‘me’ but is more or less traditional fact.  Anyway….

And, at this time (3/17/11), the planet Venus is actually transiting through the sign of Aquarius!  Seems to be no accident then.  I mean, the connections with the card that I pulled today and the current location of the planet Venus in Aquarius; pretty synchronistic!

Detached–the key word with this energy of both the card and venus in the sign of Aquarius, but in a good way. It brings up feelings of… well, it’s like this:  there is this pull to act for the benefit of self alone versus act for the benefit of the community or clan/family.  The energy today tells us that there is no real solution to the dilemma and that objectivity (Aquarius) regarding anything involving my needs and my relationships with self and others (Venus) versus their (Aquarius) needs is being called for–no satisfactory answer to the dilemma at hand.

Yet when I drew the  Five of Swords, I thought immediately of optimism and glimmers of hope–faint rays of hope perhaps but there nonetheless . 

Often, I’ve heard/read about the 5 of Swords referring to a no-win situation; and it sounds to me that when anything in life gets to that point, a little detachment and objectivity is in order.  Self interest versus the interest of the community/family; this relates to both Venus in Aquarius and 5 of swords–thus their relationship to each other.

As I give this more thought, the thing I “get” when

Venus in Aquarius

 thinking of Aquarius is “objectivity” (rather than being too subjective).  Venus is often about self-love (the relationship that one has to one’s own self on the Taurus side of it and to others on the Libra side of it–Venus rules both Libra and Taurus) and understanding what the self needs and being in touch with those needs.   And it is about being objective about one’s relationship one’s self–Venus in Aquarius! 

In the image of the tarot card, 5 of swords, we often see people walking away from a situation–in that sense, detaching.  As it relates to Venus in Aquarius, the sense of it is… well, here’s a bottom line:

The way things are (or the way they are perceived to be) on this date, 3/17/11, it is like a stalemate or checkmate; nothing can be done about it.  What is, just “is”–no blame.  It isn’t about anything ‘personal’ (venus), so be more objective (Aquarius), especially around what you ‘think’ your needs (venus/needs) are and about your relationships to self vs. others or self in union with others.  Right now release concerns for the needs of the clan or community (Aquarius)… get away from these types of concerns today… let it go for now or if you ‘do’ have to focus on these issues, be as objective as possible.  Clarity comes after releasing the tension of the situation temporarily.

It gets knotty and complicated and sometimes we just need to get back farther to see the bigger picture as these types of energies culminate.

These are a few thoughts that will be percolating within me throughout the afternoon.  In my personal life, I see exactly how this guidance applies and am going to take it.  We’ve been graced with a gorgeous 57 degree, sunny (blue skies) and finally a non-windy day here in the Appalachians.  It’s crisp and clean and brisk and I’m keen to get out there for a hike!   Oh, by the way….

Luck of the Irish to ya’!  May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue.  And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.  –An Irish Blessing