In Divine Order Observations of Life March 14, 2011


The path of living in balance with nature is the same as living in balance with the inner self. 

Living our truth and walking our talk–right here on the earth; not through escapism into spirit world.  Paying attention to here and now and learning by observing our life experiences–that’s what I’m thinking of today.

One Observation:  On letting go of non-supportive actions, behaviors, situations or habits.  I’ve been very aware of habits lately.  I moved the coffee and coffee filters to a different kitchen cabinet.  That was well over a month ago and some mornings, I still finding myself opening the old cupboard first thing in the morning.  True.  I’m not fully conscious/awake (not until I’ve had that first cup of coffee!), but getting to it and the filters have given me pause.  I’ve been reminded that breaking habits takes a while and requires consistent devotion.  In this case,  the coffee and filters are in the same new location every day.  Yet, I still find that I automatically go to the old cupboard 25% of the time and like I said, it’s been months! 

Recently, I lost a good habit regarding exercise and began to feel heaviness–not just in my body but in my spirit.  I was out of balance.  I am now nourishing the good habit again, feeling lighter and being more productive.  Good habits are nourishing and a way of creating self-loving attitudes.  I’m willing to let the oldie-but-goodie habit  take hold again, but like with the coffee-and-filter-cupboard-location-lesson, am also willing to be patient and gentle with myself while the good exercise habit gets a firm grip again.

Another Observation:  Nature throws her seeds out with its desires to grow and flourish.  We too must be willing to plant our visions, nurture them and watch them flourish; without attachment as to ‘how’.  Some of our seeds and visions just might end up nurturing others more than ourselves–that was clear this morning.  The tulip bulbs that I planted last year and  that I’ve been watching sprout out of the ground  recently were just last night scoffed down by deer! 

Bit right off!  Teeth marks obvious and all! 

I wasn’t going to eat the tulips–just enjoy their beauty; but what’s the observation? If you want to make the universe laugh, tell It your plans.  🙂  There’s our order and then there’s divine order.

I think that the best view is to see the deer and tulips situation as being in divine order; but it makes me think how other visions that I’ve had (seeds planted) have ended up nurturing others instead of (or more than) myself. 

If I’m going to be determined to be in balance and harmony with life and really mean it when I say so, probably its best to let go of attachments to my seeds after I plant them.

If my intent to nurture myself ends up nurturing others more than myself–who am I to argue with divine order?

With wisdom and intuition, I vow to willingly nurture and honor myself, all of nature, all of life itself and to honor divine order. 

The path of living in balance with nature, natural law and divine order is the same as living in balance with the inner self.