Being Incepted by Inception – A Consciousness Expanding Movie

 Being Incepted With Inception

 A Consciousness Expanding Movie

 What is real? That question is right down my alley and hits me right where I live!  I already knew that I would love this movie even before I watched it.  That’s because I’d heard that it had to do with levels of mind, levels of reality, and specifically, the dream state.

[Spoiler Warning:  if you haven’t seen the movie yet, maybe you best read this post afterwards.  Although I don’t think anything you read here will spoil the ending or even the plot, better to say this than not.  I’m trying to keep my karma record clean.  🙂 ]

 Movies like Inception and The Matrix and Contact and When Dreams May Come and Defending Your Life (just to name a few) all carry that same theme of being consciousness-expanding, seed-planting metaphysical and spiritual gems!

I write (email, blog, newsletter, web articles) frequently about the nature of reality, mind control, consciousness expansion, the subconscious, awareness,  inspiration as well as “projections”.  And although my meaning/understanding of projections is not the same (exactly) as how they are portrayed in the movie, nevertheless there’s something positive to be said about the possible afterthought benefits of the movie Inception.   This is true regarding “projections” along with the other mind-bending questions that the movie supposes. 

Thinking about the subconscious, various levels of reality (dream states) versus memories and the Creator Mind are all conscious contemplations that this movie would stimulate in folks.  In some of them, at least.

That would depend on how someone processes life generally I suppose.  There are plenty of those who, like me, look for messages and insights everywhere—movies included!  And sometimes, movies especially! And we, therefore, tend to think about the movies that we see long afterwards.

Others, of course, will watch a movie commenting on the action scenes and special effects, relating to it in those ways (only)—and this movie has plenty of action and effect!  Don’t get me wrong.   It’s just that this group of individuals to which I now refer will typically walk away from the theatre or from the at-home DVD player and never give it another thought—not consciously.   Ah-ha!  That’s the power of a movie; because, despite that, they have been affected anyway—they have been incepted!  Activated without conscious realization, of course!  After all, a-seed- is-a seed and one that is placed into a depth where it isn’t consciously realized… well, it’s Inception!

 An idea, an inspiration on deep, deep levels that manifests and changes one’s reality–when a movie can do that, it’s a good one in my book!  And this one’s got that potential.

 Let me pose this question to you.  Do you agree that this is how the soul itself (and spirit guides—if you accept that language-ing) or higher mind (call it what you will) plants seeds of inception in our mind in our dream state or during meditation?

I haven’t seen the other Academy Award nominated movies—Inception was the only one that I’d heard about that was of any personal interest.  I’d give it my own academy award for best movie, best actor, best special effects, production and all the rest if I could!  Can you tell that I totally loved this movie and highly recommend it?  Besides, you know it’s a good flick if Leonardo DiCaprio is part of it—totally awesome actor in my humble opinion. 

Even though I’m not a drinker per se, here’s a toast to Leonardo DiCaprio and to Inception et al (great work!) for the many conversations about the nature of reality that this movie must have stimulated.

And while I’m at it, here’s another toast for those necessary times that we’ve all experienced when we, too, have received one of those “kick’s” that knocked us off-balance, awakening us to higher levels! 

Here is a tweet that I wrote earlier this week:  Regarding life as a dream today… life, death, waking, sleeping–it’s all a dream…every situation is a passing memory.

What’s real?  And speaking of quotes, here’s an apropos one from Ram Dass:

It’s all real AND it’s all illusory: that’s Awareness!