Being Sensitive / Being Psychic is about more than telling the future

Being Sensitive / Being Psychic is about more

than telling the future

I think, I believe, and my intuitive impressions are as follows.

This is not one of those “convince and convert ” pieces of writing.

This may be more or less about me venting. But on some level isn’t that what blogging can be about at times?

Many of those reaching for the psychic realms are truly looking to dissolve all barriers within consciousness that present a direct connection to All That Is.   If you would like to use the words Source or God or Universe or Divine Intelligence or Divine Love instead of All That Is, feel free.

Those who have an interest in psychic development are usually trying to understand their life’s purpose from a spiritual point of view.  Often there is a need to merge individual ego with Creator or Source or as we would say in natural law terms, all of creation.

Natural law or laws explain the existence of creation by the sheer fact that creation exists in the first place.  For those with an interest in understanding natural law on deeper levels, I would suggest studying the teachings of Nargajuna and Chandrakirti on the Middle Way.

The development of intuition occurs through merging with natural laws which are, again, principles that are the foundation of creation itself.

If this writing, thus far, sounds a bit stern perhaps it is because I am a bit irritated at myself for having overreacted to something that just happened a moment ago. This was something which touched a nerve within me with regard to everything I’ve written thus far in this blog entry… natural law, spiritual foundations, and intuition as well as psychic sensitivity.

As we intentionally attempt evolution in these areas we quite naturally break free from external conditioning patterns and societal ideas and propagandists. There is a heightened awareness to all energy that occurs within consciousness as evolution and growth progresses… this includes sensitivities to the energies of trees, rocks, flowers, animals, fish.

When barriers in consciousness are dissolved, a more direct connection to all energy can be experienced and this is part and parcel of being psychic or intuitive or sensitive.


As part of its natural evolution, Soul no longer identifies itself as a separate entity as it merges ego back with source or creator.

The analogy of a wave upon an ocean may be apropos since soul must enter its consciousness within the cosmic ocean not the wave of individual ego.  As that happens soul becomes aware of the ocean of All That Is.

Because of all of this, the soul or individual seeker on the path of psychic development and spiritual evolution develops a heightened sensitivity to everything in nature (natural law). Therefore, it is not unusual or un-typical that those who are “psychic” feel the energy of trees, for example.

I do. When the chainsaw’s attack, I feel the energy just as you might imagine if you truly believe trees were alive and conscious. Fear, panic, screams, and deluge… Not a happy scene.

I have come across fishermen who upon seeing me pass by will hold up a squirming fish at the end of the hook at the end of a string at the end of a fishing pole smiling gleefully and proudly as the fish panics and pleads for its life – at least on energetic terms. How can a fishermen hold up the fish that is flailing its tail and smile and be proud?

There are those reading this who may think I am quite the drama queen!  But, if you felt the feelings of deer, bear, trees, flowers and fish, you would never catch of fish or slay a tree!

I’ve heard it said that a name for people like me is  “Damon soul” – – not to be confused with the Christian perversion of the word: demon.  (Damon is spelled with an a.  Demon with an e.)  It is fairly well-known that Damon souls are very sensitive to nature.

I “lost it” a while ago and this is my “true confession”.  I love walking in nature; however, at my ripe old age of 63 years and living alone in the mountains, I tend to walk in more public areas, even though I’d love to take off into the forest alone.

Today, along the creek-walk where many local residents get their exercise, there were some types of handwritten signs all over the decorative light-posts along the walkway. I have no idea what these papers taped to the light posts had anything to do with – – perhaps there was a party or a gathering of some type over the weekend and they were leftover hanging there.

I almost had to laugh because many of the papers taped to the lampposts were one or two-line comments of some type – – almost looking like tweets like on What the heck?

I barely noticed what the handwritten messages on the paper’s said.  I was much more “into” listening to my music and enjoying the sunshine and vigorous exercise – – as vigorous as I could make it, walking in a fast-pace.

Then I looked up and directly in front of me at an angle aligning with my eyes where it could not be missed was a paper upon which it was written, “It is okay to eat fish because fish have no feelings.”

Actually, as I tell it now in this blog what I’m about to say seems fairly comical, but at the time my blood pressure shot up, I was overcome with shock, and without thinking about it in the least, and without missing a beat in my steps with the music, I grabbed the paper off the light post, wadded it in a ball and threw it on the ground and kept on marching to my music!

I felt guilty for littering.

I also feel guilty for an expression of intolerance for the — shall I say it? — ignorance of those who believe… that fish have no feelings.

They do! (See ‘Memory’ below)

Okay. I’m done venting. I feel better. I apologize to fishermen, hunters and loggers for calling them ignorant.  I apologize to the person who wrote the paper for ripping down her sign.  I apologize for calling people who think that fish have no feelings ignorant. I apologize to the city for littering.  But most of all, I apologized to Nature Itself for the insensitivity of humans!

Memory…  I was a little girl, this lifetime.  I can’t remember my age exactly, but perhaps around 5 years old.  My dear father was going out in a little boat, fishing.  I was excited (so happy!) to be going somewhere special with my father–an adventure!  Fishing.  I don’t even think I knew what that was or what it meant, exactly.  I just felt special to be allowed to go with my father.  I’d never been on a boat before either and thought that I was going to have great fun!  My brother always went off with my father, but this time they let ‘me’ go!  I was thrilled!

I was just enjoying being outdoors and away from my very intense mother.  There we were rocking with the waves gently in the boat on the water in the great outdoors!   I don’t have full memory like if there were other people with us or what size the boat was–those details I do not remember.  What I ‘do’ remember is my father being very cross with me and all the fun ending dramatically.  I specifically remember his words, “I will NEVER take you fishing with me again!”  This was after he kept telling me to stop, over and over.  He was instructing me to stop screaming, and I didn’t seem to have any control over it–I couldn’t stop.  I wanted to obey my father, but couldn’t.  I was overwhelmed.

He had just caught a fish and I was feeling the panic of the fish and uncontrollably imitating the sound that I was hearing in my head.  Have you seen the movie, E.T.?  If so–remember the scene when Elliot and E.T. first see each other and they both scream at the same time?  It was like that.  The fish seemed to be (inside my head) screaming and I was screaming too!

Poor Dad; he was a Pisces Sun (Sun sign) and really wanted only harmony and peace.  Mom didn’t have much of that to go around for either of us which is probably why we were out fishing to start with.  There he was yelling, “Stop! Stop!  What is the matter with you?  Stop your screaming!”  I managed to screamed back, “You’re killing him!  He can’t breathe!”–I could hardly breathe either.

I was a little child dumbfounded as to why my kind, gentle father would do such a thing!  When the fish came out of the water, at first I was thrilled to see it up close.  But as I just described, it all went downhill really quickly after that.

Dad took the hook out of the fish’s gill (or mouth or however you say it) which horrified me even further (not to mention the fish’s agony)–the fish and I both screamed louder.

I looked on with horror, maintaining my cry.  Finally, with the hook out of the mouth my father tossed him back into the water.  We could breathe again.  I stopped screaming and crying.

“There!  Are ya’ happy now?”, he said.  I was not happy.  But I was relieved.  And I was confused by what my father had just done.

“I will NEVER take you fishing again!”    And he didn’t, which I’m sure suited us both just fine.

Like I said, being sensitive/psychic is about more than telling the future.

PS–when I see a fisherman, I try my best to send telepathic signals to the fish nearby to swim to the other side of  the stream.  Not sure if it works or not, but I do.