Here Are A Few New Year 2011 Predictions

Here Are A Few New Year 2011 Predictions

  • This will be a year full of surprises.  These are neither good nor bad; just Uraninan-type of occurrences/events… that which is outside of societal norms or typicality… unusual, and surprisingly so.  Feelings similar to, “Who would have ever thought _______ !” came along with this.
  • Something happens in the world of skating that inspires people…  one of those overcoming obstacles type of stories.
  • Big changes in “driving” and this has conservation of energy feelings around it and perhaps a new invention or new technology that reduces energy consumption.
  • I see people up in arms, protesting, and this is not the tea party energy…. People are speaking out; those who are usually/normally passive, silent and uninvolved start to become more active and vocal.  I don’t see any violence with this, just people wanting their voices to be heard and it seems to me like this is in the United States — people become more actively involved in supporting change and creating change instead of waiting for it to happen
  • There are more neighborhood or community / local movements where people help others by pooling resources and energy to create change.  People begin to expect less of big government and local community or state governments seem more independent and creative
  • I see a large explosion somewhere and this seems like a natural or nature event… like a volcano erupting and also smaller ones at the same time and this looks like various places on the planet and at or about the same time… I see it from the view-point of space looking toward earth and there is a line and along either side of the line is how it happens and half way across the globe.  From this distance (and I can’t seem to get any closer), it is hard to know if there is loss of human life.  Well, some of the volcano’s are in the ocean too.  I can’t tell timing on this; I don’t get a month.
  • We have someone who comes to the fore like a Mother Teresa or Gandhi this year… someone who inspires peace and healing.
  • The argumentative ‘talking heads’ on TV like on CNN and Fox News begin to lose emphasis and programs like these fade (I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking on my part 🙂 )  in favor of a more positive or inspirational focus.  This happens due to ratings—people turning off to division and separation in favor of unity.  This seems to me to be subtle and slow but does begin to change in 2011.
  • May.  Optimism.  The month of May feels very favorable and an optimistic time.  This has to do with financial recovery and positive financial news which is not just local but global and it involves countries doing a give-and-take for the good of the global financial market.
  • There is a change in education involving “High School” and the transition to college… this is difficult to describe because it is something new/innovative but is a solution either to going to college or it makes the transition to college easier and more affordable/practical.
  • Good teachers are given recognition and this includes financial support but it comes more from a local community level than federal government or even state.
  • A few great books come out for the American public to read to help them awaken and to widen their perspectives and these make the best seller lists.  One is made into a movie and via entertainment there is an expansion of consciousness and increasing intelligence levels in the general consensus populace–at least in some folks regarding the ability to see the bigger picture so that more intelligent decisions can be made
  • The barriers or boundaries between the US and Canada and the US and Mexico change and there is a merging of energy and this is one of the surprising, Uranian-type, occurrences (I think)
  • Some type of plant substance … algae? Or something that is grown or grows naturally becomes a source of energy and people demand that it be used.
  • People will be moved to where their energy is most needed and this happens easily and supportively without drama or trauma; so many people, generally, will be relocating this year
  • There a breaks in some traditions and also return to other traditions… so some traditional aspects of life grow stronger and others dissolve into forgetfulness and these have to do with younger generations from ages 14 to 24… so extremes in this age group around traditions of family/country/careers and even religion or religious areas
  • More jobs!  As companies (some, not all) that have outsourced in the past begin to transfer back to the United States; this becomes a movement and gains momentum
  • France and Germany and also the UK have/ grow toward an economic… positive economic climate…balanced
  • China and N.Korea and S.Korea make some sort of triple alliance which helps the people of those countries –this may be one of those “surprising” things that happen.
  • Several beloved leaders leave the planet this year but continue to work for good behind the scenes or from spirit world — I have no names or don’t seem to see more about who these leaders are
  • Some sort of new instrument which is like a piano (but not one) becomes popular
  • Technology that people begin to wear on their person rather than to carry around in their pockets or purses (like they do with cell phones) and this is a wireless… something worn on the head (perhaps forehead) and also behind the ear with some wireless hookups on the hand/wrist and fingers
  • A trial of an anti-gravity vehicle is begun in a city in the Midwest and these are vehicles that float above the ground
  • Libraries in people’s homes via the internet which goes beyond google and other search engines and while this is partly the case now, this is harmonized and localized in one location and is owned by many sources but becomes a centrally localized information center (library of libraries!)
  • There will be some types of power failures having to do with satellites in space which is short in duration but does create a stir for a 24 to 48 hour period… this may have to do with the Sun’s energy or radiation; perhaps solar flares
  • There is something about “fathers” or the roles of father’s in the family dynamic (especially in the United States) and it is named something (given a name) and becomes a focus.  This neither seems good nor bad; it feels to me like the job description changes somewhat (more than it already has) and also the roles of male/female change as well. And because of the gay-rights movements, etc. there is a change in consciousness regarding gender roles, etc. generally
  • Angels become even more popular and I see even in décor and architecture there is a leaning toward esoteric designs—this is true in fashion also.  Ethereal-looking garments and décor and architecture become popular.