Psyche Psychology Using Archetypes Here’s Virgo

Loving VIRGO, Heal Us with Self-Acceptance by Loving Your Imperfections

Today I dove into my audio files on the archetype of Virgo and wanted to share it with you.  It is not perfect… it’s nowhere near a perfected state of writing.  The Virgo energy that each of us carries at some point on some level in all of our consciousness—we all have all signs of the zodiac acting somewhere in our lives—will likely cringe at some typo’s or at the fact that what appears below is not perfected.  In truth, the Virgo part of me could re-write this over and over ad nauseum, but then it may be weeks before it hits its mark and reaches anyone.  I started to make these notes for myself from an astrology class, added to the notes for the benefit of a few family members (I decided to give a copy to them when I was part way through this) and now am going to blog it and give it to my students too.  Sorry Virgo, I have not given this a single re-write; let it stand Virgo.  I offer this and walk toward Pisces (the Virgo polarity),  in faith that it will be worthy enough and reader’s will not become impatient with it and see it through to the end.  The Leo part of me wills it.  And the Scorpio in me simply releases it.

Part of the distortion of Virgo is perfectionism to the point of procrastination and you will read more about that below.  One Virgo said once, sometimes what is healthy for me is to be ok with a half-assed job and walk away from it feeling peaceful about it.  This received a lot of laughter or recognition from others who understand relate to that Virgo part of themselves!  This because, via distortions, Virgo never thinks anything is ever good enough and that they are never ‘ready’.

One word about this before I let this go into the hands of others.  Please don’t dismiss this because it is based on astrology.  Astrology is like categorized psychology and contains the major archetypes of human consciousness and soul—this is how Carl Jung conveyed it.  The 12 signs of the zodiac are energies we all carry and are based on human consciousness.  I could quote a number of passages from the great Carl Jung and others with greater intelligence than my own to back this up, but that would be doing that Virgo procrastination.  I’d rather hope you will take my word for it and get into reading what I’ve offered here.

Again, the Virgo part of me says, “What? Send it out? You haven’t even proof read it yet!” But I have way too much Libra in the 3rd house (Libra/Gemini combo) that is saying, “People will look past it, just this communication into people’s hands, life’s too short to get too hung up on details.” And Neptune next to my Libra Sun encourages this saying that people will get the “feel” for it and the big picture will come through the paragraphs.
So, going for it… I offer this to you for your consideration and discernment.  Perhaps it will help you to understand yourself and / or others in your life.

With Love, I offer you my notes on….


It doesn’t matter what your Sun sign is…

YOU Have Virgo in your Psyche too–WE ALL DO!

What house is your Virgo in?

Do you have an Ascendant in Virgo or Planets in Virgo?

Natural humility and distortions of the victim/victor-ization complex… natural humility doesn’t mean giving our power away.  This stems from the conditionings of “god” being outside of ourselves and outside power which creates a distortion of humility and a distortion of unconditional love.  We give self away.  Unconditional love and self-love has to have a healthy balance that is neither self-ish nor self-less.  As we look at this via human made conditionings via human made religion, unconditional love and humility and are energies that are co-opted and distorted in taking your power away.

“Service” is another concept that comes along with Virgo/6th H…  when we have the distortion in the psyche that leads us to the victimization and masochistic end of things, that leads to distorted views of suffering i.e. “I have to suffer before I can deserve anything.”  That’s a very typical guilty through atonement energy even though I know better—i.e. “I don’t know why I have to suffer all the time, but I do.”  This is deep unconscious conditioning.

We all have this energy some degree; some more than others based on the evolution of the individual soul at hand.  Those still influenced by human made conditionings especially via religious indoctrinations will carry this unconscious belief that they have to let everyone beat them up or be abusive to them and they have to be the indentured slave forever.  The way to elevate this is to find a way to be of natural service to people (Karma Yoga), finding one’s own natural work.

After one learns to align one’s will with the higher will, the next step in the process is to be of service to the Higher Being or we might say to Source or god/goddess if you’d like to say it that way.  But this cannot be achieved if one has not learned to be self-loving; it starts there.
Learning how to be of service to the Higher/Highest is learning how to be of service to others in this dimension.  The important point with that is not giving one’s power away to them in the process.  Learning how to be in service to others in a way that is not self-abusive—this is the point.

Virgo is about the physical body—Virgo is an earth sign.  And some with strong Virgo energy take on other’s karma to help them in the healing process.   Some souls can be in such evolved spiritual states (no distortion), the true healers (Virgo archetype) are able to process the energy to affect healing, allowing them to allow it to “move through” them but not allowing it to get “stuck” there.  So, processing it through rather than taking it on without releasing it.

A lot of 12th house or Pisces energy as well as Virgo energy with someone we can see a lot of mysterious health issues that are not diagnosable or the doctors don’t know where they come from.  The deepest essence of that is where someone has “bought into” these human made religious conditionings of “separation” from the Divine Energy being “within” one’s own consciousness.

So with these mysterious illnesses and mysterious healings — they are all part of these lessons of learning to reconnect with Source, to have faith—faith from the natural sense not from the religious distortion sense.  So with Virgo, body and physical health, the Virgo energy that comes from “lack” that we’re so aware of (which stems from a programmed belief that Divine Energy lies outside of self) we can see the hypochondriac.

We take that lack that we’re aware of and it becomes illness here and there.  The hypochondria is another sense of that procrastination (often associated with Virgo energy)—another sense of that excuse-making of why “I cannot receive Source Energy in my body”.

More Virgo/6th House concepts:  Earth/Career/Work/Service – learning how to do the “work” of doing the “survival” thing on the earth.  This comes forth through self-determination. Attention to detail and refinement in service work.  Discrimination—this is a big concept with this part of the consciousness of Virgo.  Discrimination and Judgment:  when we have these religious conditions that give us the narrow definition of right/wrong conduct, then this set’s up conditioned judgments.

When the Virgo/6th House energy becomes distorted, we can fall onto—especially on the victimization and masochistic end of things—we can be “indiscriminate”.  We can get into the self-punishment routine which is the atonement end of things.

Some souls will go “off the deep end” with the self-judgments and here is why we have the Virgo/6th House lessons having to do with discrimination.  There has to be an ability to discriminate.  There has been so much mis-use of the word “judgment” due to the human-made distortions, that the word “judgment” is a trigger for people.  So another word to use is “discernment”—learning how to be able to “discern” better.

You don’t have to judge anything really—you can just use your abilities to discern or your ability to discriminate and then say “yes” or “no” for yourself and let someone else say “yes” or “no” for them.

There’s just as much distortion in the “new age” circles as in any other place—we will see that they are just as judgmental as the fundamentalist Christians.  So the distortions of judgments can be all over the place.

If we learn to realign ourselves to natural spiritual laws and principles and those are based on sharing, giving and inclusion—the recognition that there has to be a ‘balance’ between the individual and the community… there can’t be the extremes of either.  Then we can learn natural judgment or natural discrimination.  i.e. “This is what works for me” and this is how I can align myself with natural laws so I can release these judgments that we want to run around with.  That is something that we can be so unconscious of that we are not even aware that we’re doing it! – this response to human made religious conditioning acts in us without our full awareness sometimes.

GRACE is the Force Love Wears when it Meets IMPERFECTION
GRACE is the Force Love Wears when it Meets IMPERFECTION

What we are learning in these areas is self-acceptance.  That are imperfections are just as valid as what is good about us.  A self-acceptance of the imperfections—this is unconditional love of self.  There is total inclusion; and nothing is excluded.

Loving our self in the moment, in whatever step of the process we’re in—this is self-love and self-acceptance.  Acceptance is more important than the judgment.
Virgo wants perfection NOW and has difficulty realizing life is a process and once acceptance of the process is achieved, then you can recognize the bigger picture and perhaps releasing the details that are not important. There is no ‘better than’ or ‘less than’—it’s about seeing the bigger picture and then being okay with it, imperfections included.   So, it’s like do you want to spend life picking up lint off the carpet and beating yourself up because it’s there.  What do you want?  In this drive to have everything be perfect, as the consciousness evolves, you recognize on some level that it never is and so if you are logical and can be objective, you can realize that instead of focusing on what’s wrong, and as you ask yourself what you really want, you will find that to have the peace and happiness that you are truly seeking that you have to let the imperfections be there and be okay with it.  Essentially, through that process you are releasing some of your own self-judgments and moving to be self-accepting in all the imperfections.  Ask the self:   What’s the bottom line?  What do I want?  These questions can be very transforming for they require going into the opposite polarity to Virgo which is Pisces, the bigger picture! “What do I want?” is part of going into the big picture.

Seeing the BIG PICTURE is seeing the CUP HALF FULL

This helps us to see the cup half-full instead of half-empty in any situation.  In this way we can see everything that is ‘right’ instead of everything that is ‘wrong’—not only with ourselves but with others in our life too.
So again, not judging what is going on, and finding how you are at fault in any way—this is getting stuck in detail; it’s better to look at the bigger picture by asking the self, “What do I want?”  This widens the perspective and gets one out of the judgments.

The Virgo part of our psyche can be aware of the vastness, the void, the emptiness via the opposite polarity of Pisces and this creates within the Virgo part of psyche—great fear.  And the Virgo part of us wants to fill it up with details, which is an avoidance of looking at what one is really afraid of in the first place. The Virgo in us fears being lost in the void so in response can go into workaholic tendency or get lost in details to avoid dealing with the fear of that part of us that is so vast and so endless [think outer space].  Virgo tries to ground in earth details as a compensation technique and here we can get into obsessive compulsive disorders as we try to fill this void with earth-type details.

Virgo can project perfection outside of self—seeing perfection in everyone and everything else but self.  This, too, is the Virgo energy’s lack of self-acceptance.

A way of running away from looking at things is simple functioning and going over and over based on what others have told you to do.  Asking others, “What should I do?” again comes from lack of acknowledgment of the Divine Wisdom that is within.  This is very disempowering and then leads to feeling that one is the victim (i.e. doing what everyone else says).  Then when one becomes exhausted one reaches the realization that it is their own choice that needs to be embraced, not the advice of others that is acted on over and over again.  So it is about reversing the process and gaining back one’s own power.  Anyone with insight can see how  man-made religious conditionings have contributed to this Virgo pathology of “tell me what to do because I can’t see the big picture since I now have so many details that I am confused.”

It’s a huge thing for Virgo energy to just do one’s best and to walk away from it and feel okay about it or to make a mistake, acknowledge it and correct it if necessary and then to feel okay about that too, walking away from it. [This is what I did with this writing–for better or worse.]

Another example, know that you did something half-assed and then walk away from it and be okay with it; this can be a huge success for someone who always has to be perfect.   These are not easy things for Virgo to do. Self-acceptance, self-love and saying “it’s okay”.  Unconditional love for self… the medicine for a “recovering Virgo”.

A distorted expression of Virgo energy is one who is so fearful of being humiliated that they go out of their way to humiliate others.  When you are carrying a lot of Virgo imperfection energy within you, and it becomes distorted, you can literally feel like (judge yourself as) a sadist; someone who is mean, angry and judgmental.  When actually you are the opposite of that—so this is an example of the distortion.

It can also be that Virgo energy can be mean to the self (via self-judgment) and so therefore, as it expresses in a distorted way, the person perceives that they are being mean to others when they really are not.  Again, this is one possible example of a distorted Virgo energy expressing via one’s own inner (distorted) perception.

However, it can actually be projected outward via unconscious anger (the Pisces polarity).  The way out of that is self-responsibility.

Another Virgo concept relates to a denial of reality—a denial of what is ‘really’ in our life and what is ‘really’ going on.  This we see when Virgo energy is rationalizing and blaming everyone else instead of dealing with the truth of the situation in an objective way.  This can be blaming self for everything on the flip side of things—taking on more responsibility in a situation than belongs to them. Again, this is the victimization prototype or archetype or pattern with an unhealthy or distorted Virgo energy (psyche).
Virgo energy—the archetype—is “self-analysis internalized.”  A distortion is to project this analysis outward by criticizing others.

Guilt and being over-responsible for everything is guilt linked to atonement… the distortion.  This we see happens when people are accused of something, didn’t do what they are being accused of, yet immediately begin to “act” guilty even when they’re not responsible for the incident or issue.

So if we talk about all if this with someone who is not very evolved in their consciousness or is still highly influenced by everyone else or is still very influenced by “consensus” thinking i.e. believing with the general populist believes or being highly influenced by a religious belief system, we can see extremes of sadism or masochism because the soul had no idea how to get out of the human-made distortions. Victim and victimizer.

Purity thinking and over-cleanliness is the sense of ideal and perfection that is a distortion many times perpetuated by religious conditioning and then distorted.  All other types of obsessive compulsive behaviors like this really stem from feeling very small, very disconnected, like the grain of sand on the beach and out of control.  So in an effort to feel in control, then we see the micro-managing all these repetitive compulsive little details.

In a consensus state as we are culminating the Virgo age and Pisces age—we see such distortions as self-flagellation, like Opus Dei of Catholicism and even Islam self-beatings.  These are examples of consensus mentality distortions of Virgo and its polarity, Pisces, energy.  So we see high critical energy of the lower states of consciousness which can get projected outward:  religious wars due to narrow standards of right and wrong conduct.
As we move to the end of the Piscean age, the hope is that we get out of this fundamentalism.

In efforts to move out of the consensus level of psyche and move out of that we can see expressions of lashing out in anger once there is recognition that there has been past societal manipulations.  As the individuation occurs, there is a self-doubt and inferiority which can turn at times to righteousness and superiority.

Virgo energy is also many times associated with crisis—learning through crisis—or crisis events designed to throw one back onto one’s own self in order to go within and discern truth and establish faith. The intent of crisis is to create change.  And with Virgo, the purpose of crisis, is to create self-analysis for the purpose of growth and evolution of consciousness.  But, and this is an important point, we can twist this if we are not fully conscious.  And example:  someone’s car breaks down. It happens, car’s break down.  A crisis.  The first words out of the mouth (DISTORTION) are, “It’s my fault.  The Universe or god is punishing me again.  What did I do wrong?”

The purpose of the crisis, many times, is to create change in the consciousness.  The response should be to make the change in the moment of the crisis.  But often, when the moment of crisis happens, we get through it and then we go back to the old behaviors.
Another thing is we go into that state of spiritual masochism and what’s the most famous one we know?  Jesus.  We have to learn how to move out of that masochistic state of consciousness.

When we talk about the masochistic end of things… we see it manifest even when we know better intellectually.  “I feel worthless while intellectually knowing better!   I deserve pain and suffering and don’t know why.”  A huge distortion of man-made religious conditioning!
And we see or hear the individuals who say, “I give, and I give and I give….” to just try to be ‘worthy of’.  Have we not heard people say, “No good deed goes unpunished?”   There’s a perfect example of masochism.  Another one:  “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck.”  Shame and victimization is part of the human-made distortions result the separation of spirit and flesh via religious teachings.

Another archetype of Virgo has to do with “not being ready yet”… this, again, is a perfection distortion. We have all come through lifetimes of religious distortions and persecutions—it is part and parcel of the human consciousness, contained within via the process of the human mass consciousness evolution. People with a Sun in Virgo or a heavy Virgo or 6th house energy signature in their chart (the chart being the picture of the psyche) are here to help heal the distortions of anger and guilt.

Another thing is the misconception of the phrase “Let Go and Let God” that we often hear.  In consensus state, this is interpreted as giving up one’s power and giving energy way outside of self.  The higher level of mind see’s this statement as a merging with Source and co-creation with that divine energy within.  The ego fears that merging with Source because it feels like we are going to lose everything and lose our self; in actuality, it’s the opposite. But until we can recognize that…

The projections of co-dependency in lower consensus states can sound something like, “I wish God would just show me or tell me what to do.”  This type of statement comes from a consciousness that has not resolved the conditioned belief that there is a male god with a white beard on a throne somewhere outside of self—somewhere in the great beyond heavens.  Virgo energy is about taking responsibility for self and not projecting it “out there”.

Doubt; self-doubt is the archetype of the Virgo, coming off Leo.  What this means that in the natural progression, Leo comes before Virgo and in Leo the soul is “full of self” and the next step is to become humble to balance that out.  So Virgo is that humility and as we have been discussing that energy can become distorted.

So this humility that can be distorted into doubt can be open to misunderstandings and people can take on this idea that they are “just plain and simply a bad person.”  Ouch!  It takes a while to be able to objectify this energy after having accepted the projections and distortions.  How many adults are still trying to resolve the messages from a parent (projections) that they were given that they were “bad”?  It’s way too common and many lack the ability to discern and be objective.  Let’s not even mention the bible-pusher ministers/preachers who try to push down the throats of the congregation that they are unworthy sinners!  And then we wonder why we have such distortions on the planet?

Some souls have been so wounded and projected upon on the masochistic end (the spiritual masochist), they take it in and it needs constant feedback and reinforcement.  “This is bullshit” is what they need to hear; this idea that they are not deserving is bullshit!  *(pardon the emphasis)


Virgo, The Healer

There can be, at higher levels of consciousness, a purity of intent with Virgo energy, a natural humility and a sincerity of spirit and a sincere desire to know Source or the Inner Divine.  Virgo expression at the highest level is (not giving the self away).  Being compassionate and loving toward everyone without giving the self away or dis-empowering self in the process is the idea.  Virgo is very giving, loving, healing, generous and helpful.  Wherever we have Virgo energy is where we can heal ourselves and others and where we can be beautifully humble and unconditionally loving.  We just have to watch the unbalance or distortions.  Self-love is an example that Virgo energy can teach through example in its desire to be of service and the divine helper and healer to humanity.