Psychic Development ~ It’ all in the mind

The Grand Canyon, Arizona USA


It’s all in the mind!  

You’ve heard that phrase–everything is in the mind.  And all we “see” and experience in the outer world is an outward demonstration of the mind.  About 15 years ago a Ranger at the Grand Canyon [Arizona, USA] said exactly that!  Not everyone understood, but I nearly leaped off of the logs that were made into a bench upon which I was sitting when he spoke the words.  What?!  That’s exactly right, I thought.  He saw that I understood and our eyes locked for what seemed like a very long time and we smiled at one another.  He asked everyone to continue to think about the grand canyon because the reason that its been there for so long for people to enjoy is that everyone holds the image of it in their mind!  

I’ve had moments of awareness, usually while hiking in the mountains, in which I felt certain that everything that I was surrounded by and everything that I was looking at was there because of my own mind.  

Yeah, I know.  It’s a pretty large concept to contemplate and when we are functioning from the little mind, its hard to understand. 

I was just thinking about this today and thought I’d post about it.  I’m working on some writing on the nature of the mind as it relates to intuitive [psychic] development.  

Persons who say they cannot communicate with higher mind or spirit guides also have trouble meditating or omit meditation altogether.  One of the greatest values in meditation is that it gives one the ability to understand the nature of the mind–that’s the first step in psychic development, in my humble opinion anyway. 

Speaking of meditation, it’s time for me to visit my own “grand canyon” of the mind, pun intended.