Karma and Virtue

In reconnecting with some significant soul roots and memories relating to Tibetan Buddhism, an epiphany occurred.  Satori!

The reconnection with this aspect of my soul has been developing  for over a year now.  I’ve been watching movies, reading books and ingesting other forms of  Tibetan energy available on the information highway of this dimensional reality for quite a while now.

In doing so, it is clear that I’ve been basing my intuitive inner truth on the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism without consciously realizing it.  I’m now conscious about it–more aware of the connection.

Virtue, developing virtue–this is something that my higher mind gave to

Tibet Flag

me many years ago in response to my inner question about what we’re all doing here!  This correlates with something I read last night in a book of Tibetan teachings as it relates to “karma”.  That word (and the other word, “soul-mate”) represent concepts that are highly misunderstood by most of us who  have incarnated into  the West.


It’s way too sunny and beautiful outside today for me to spend hours blogging about this.  I’ll get back to this topic on another day when the rains come.  Besides, “getting” something on deep levels and then putting that into everyday words in a blog may take  a bit more thought.

Meanwhile, I’m going outside to wash the winter dirt and salty snow/slush marks off my car and engage in some other outdoor projects in the sun–but I will be thinking about this while doing so… this whole “virtue” thing.

I will convey  a one-liner as food for thought on this topic:  Developing the virtue of patience releases the karma of anger. 

There’s so much more to understanding the level of mind (often called illusionary) of cause and effect versus the true nature of the mind.

Meanwhile, I just wanted come to “my place” (my blog) and write about how, all along, I’ve had a semi-conscious knowing about something and (then drifted away from that knowing somewhat) and now am re-incorporating it consciously.

Don’t you love it when you have those moments in which you can finally say, “I always knew that but didn’t know I knew but now I know that I’ve always known and I now know it in an even deeper way!”–?

Haven’t you had those kind of moments too? 

I’m going out to play in the sunshine and celebrate Spring along with my remembering!

Wishing you an

 enlightened day!

PS~ Wandering Jupiter went off for another adventure.  Woke up the other day and he had disappeared.  Don’t see him around town anywhere either.  He vanished as quickly as he managed to appear.

I’d like to think that he came by for temporary rest and healing and received it.

He taught me more about myself, as all relationships do… even relationships with animals.  Sometimes, relationships with the animal kingdoms can teach is even more about ourselves than human connections.

Thanks to all who helped by sending healing thoughts for him.

Happy travels Jupiter!  My love goes with you, wherever your Sagittarian self has gone.


Jupiter Footnote posted a week later:  A neighbor of Jupiter’s family (who had been looking for him) saw my flyer in town, took the paper to the human tribe who belong to this completely deaf and nearly totally blind dog.  

The folks called me and thanked me since  Jupiter was located via the help of my flyers and, anyway, he is now saftely back home!  Thanks to YOU readers for your mental attention and kind thoughts regarding this temporarily lost member of the animal kingdom.  You helped.  We love happy endings.