Intuition in Action

Let there be light!

 Paying attention to what we do and then what follows is a real good way to observe intuition in action. 

As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve managed to get a cold.  Call the reason stress and strain of x-mas or just a clearing of energy, here I am with the symptoms.  Chills, body ache, sniffles and the whole number.  Anyway… 

 Most of the day I slept off and on being too wiped out to do much else.  And then I got up and rather mechanically and sort of  like in trance-like state started a fire in the fireplace.  Yet, while doing so I argued with myself about it a bit; I just didn’t feel well but did it anyway.  

I started a movie and wrapped myself in blankets on the sofa but then in about 10 minutes got up for some hot tea and again, mechanically and in sort of trance-like state, I did something else.  

I had no conscious knowledge that the power was going to go out, yet I was taking actions to prepare for it.  

Oh, these are small things I’m writing about here.  Probably hardly worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things.  Yet, mention them I will because they are perfect little examples of how our intuition works, many times without realizing it or giving its due credit. 

I notice everything like this–almost like I’m on hyper-alert in some semi-conscious way.  I used the word semi-conscious because I usually don’t connect the dots until afterward, but I do make the connection. 

 What I did was to put batteries into my scented candle holder things; oh, what do you call them?  Febreze Flameless Lumiary–that’s what they’re called.  [image above]  I have two of them.  The batteries needed replacing since before x-mas.  

I had the battery package sitting out for over a week but never put them in.  But just a few moments before the electric went out, there I was putting in the batteries and got them going. 

Then I made a hot drink and a warm dinner, ate and then cleaned up the kitchen.  

 By then the fire in the fireplace was going pretty good and throwing out some heat.  (I also had the furnace going.)  It’s 5 degrees (not a typo-5!) up here in the mountains tonight with (some) wind.  The wind chill has to be 10 below zero. 

 Then as nicely as you please, the electric went out!   We had a blizzard before x-mas with 60 mph winds and I didn’t lose power–go figure.  

Anyway, it was as if a part of me knew the power outage was going to happen and I was getting ready for it!  I remember thinking, why are you making a fire silly–you’re sick, save your energy.  And with the batteries, I thought, why now?  Go watch the movie.   

Sure I have other candles and a few flashlights, but I love those Febreze flameless candle things–no muss, no fuss.  They put out nice warm lighting.  

Strange, I thought, how I got that fire going and put those candles in, made dinner and that hot cup of tea just before the power went out!  

Or was it strange?  Not strange at all–that kind of stuff happens all the time to all of us.  Most people just don’t notice it.  I think it’s pretty cool to notice and then whisper those thank you’s for being in harmony with the universe. 

People always ask about how they can receive messages from spirit and/or know what to do.  I’ve always maintained that we do receive messages and we do know what to do.  All we have to do is simply flow with those inner urges when we have them–even if they don’t make sense at the time. 

And as we work in harmony with life, we find ourselves doing exactly the right thing in the right timing–just like with my power out event this evening. 

After the power went out, I took one of my luminaries and got into my bed under my down comforter and waited.   First, however, I placed a call to the electric company.  Up here there’s no automated call answering system like in big cities; you get a live person when you call.  And the guy said he’s trying to get the guy in my area on his cell phone.  It’s sort of like Opie and Aunt Bee on Mayberry RFD (old TV show).   I know my electric repair guy; he hangs out in the local office.  I see him when I go to pay my electric bill.  Nice man.  

I thought of him, bless his heart, having to go out in this weather tonight for me, sending him warm thoughts of gratitude imaging how cold he must be out there and how he must have felt when he got the call.  

The lights came on for a second, flickered and went out.  Then after 10 minutes, on again.  I said aloud to myself, not yet–stay under the covers. 

 This happened a few more times and then I found myself saying aloud, Okay, you can get up now and check the fire; this time the power will stay on. 

And so it was, it did.  I added another log and went back to my movie.

Thank you to the electric man who restored my power!  (Man! I’d hate to be without heat all night when its this cold!)   And thank you to my intuition for kicking in and getting me to do what needed doing in the right timing.  

After all, it can be a little tricky to try to gather the paper and kindling and stuff to make a fire and put batteries into something while you’re fumbling around with a flashlight  in the dark! 

 Now, me and my red nose are going back to bed!  Tomorrow I will awaken and feel much, much better! 

And you?  Don’t argue with your inner urges… a part of you already knows what’s going to happen before it does and that part is working on your behalf, so be in harmony with it. 

As far as hearing what to do–it’s the same deal.  Just pay attention to your thoughts e.g. Okay, you can get up now and check the fire; this time it will stay on. 

Who said that?  Me and ME… we work together.  Little me learned a long time ago not to argue with big Me.  Too many times I’ve said, I should have listened!  

Hope this post isn’t too jumbled… it may be. 

Cold meds, you know? 

Hope this little post helps someone who reads it in the right timing.  

I’m create the intention for a cure for the common head cold. 

Meanwhile, I accept healing!   Goodnight!