Happy New Year 2010! Meditation

Well, I guess the ball dropped.  I didn’t see it, but I felt it! 

I love meditating on New Year’s Eves… this year was no exception.  There’s also something else that’s no exception, but I forgot about that until just now.  It’s one New Year’s tradition that’s absolutely, positively got to go! 

It’s 4 am; I’ve been asleep since shortly after midnight and I’ve just been rudely awakened by a sore throat, sneezing and the whole head/cold thing!  So here I am with my cup of  Theraflu, having used it to wash down an old antibiotic left over from sometime last year.  I healed from whatever the Rx was for and never used it; may as well give it a whirl now.  I forget this from year to year;  honestly I do.  Forget what?  That often I’m down with a flu or cold on New Years Eve/Day… it must be some kind of tradition that my cells know about but my conscious mind forgets from year to year.  There must have been a few years of exception rather than rule–weren’t there?  I’m asking myself.  I dont’ know but it’s strange (or is it?) how I picked up a pack of kleenex just yesterday. As a matter of fact, it was the “kills 99% of cold and flu viruses” kind.  I distinctly recall arguing with myself at the time… you don’t need that kind, you pay extra for them and you’re NOT sick!  I bought them anyway.  Excuse me while I reach for one of those specialized sheets of  fluff now… got a nice little white mountain of them going on here!  ha ha  Gross!  Hold on, let me get rid of these.  Yuck!  (Nothing like telling it like it is, eh?)

I’ve got to make this quick anyway–got to get back to bed.  Must tell you though, I don’t k now if I can remember them all–I got a little something for every month of 2010 but didn’t write them down. 

Yeah, I know.  I don’t blame you for saying it and in fact I was thinking of getting predictions–translation:  was given a head’s up they were coming–for a few days.  But it was a wispy thought floating around in the background of consciousness and I didn’t give the intuitive direction it’s due.  So there I was about 4 or 5 hours ago (just after midnight) hearing all this stuff, but was too blissed-out and happy from the meditative energy to get up and write it down.  I fell asleep right after that.

I had my left brain wrapped around creating a new twitter background up until about 10 PM.  Who knows why I even got involved in that project in the first place!  That’s how the spirit within works… I suddenly find myself doing things without knowing why.  Maybe company’s coming (new visitors to my twitter page) and I was supposed to spruce things up. I can tell you one thing–it took forever; mostly because I was insistent upon enlarging an image of snow-covered Grandfather Mountain that I never could get to look right.  Not that I didn’t try!  I realized something about myself from that exercise.  I will try and try; and try even harder though it’s obviously not working, I get stubborn and try some more–but to no avail.  True confession:  I can be obsessive compulsive sometimes!  Reminds me of a relationship I once had (all that trying).   Anyway, I settled for an image of a different mountain and once I did, things went smoothly.  (I’m a real amateur and unskilled dabbler when it comes to web page design.)  I created my whole website but it was a live and learn process like the twitter page. 

Okay… moving right along here as I sip my Theraflu drink.  I’m now remembering that one of my daughter’s said she had strep throat right before the holiday and about all the stores and restaurants I was in last week, not to mention the houseful of people I  lived with for 4 days celebrating Xmas. 

When I run into a germ or even when I hear about one, my mental mantra goes something like, That won’t affect me!  I’m healthy and will remain that way.  Sometimes that works and sometimes… oh, well.

Note to self:  Reprogram your cells ASAP to remain perfectly well and healthy throughout all future holidays!  No exceptions!

Anyway, around 11:30 PM’ish I closed my eyes and started my mantra, repeating I AM, I AM, I AM and focusing on my breath… quieting, centering, going inward.  I love to do meditation on New Year’s Eve.  Oh yeah, I already said that.

Anyway, there is a whole other celebration going on you know–in other dimensions.  And if you can tune into the Cosmos before, during and after midnight, you can feel that energy–some of it coming from the cities and towns in your time zone. 

Of course here, on top of a mountain, its quiet–the closest neighbors are down the road and around the bend.  They’re as quiet as I am–peace and solitude are cherished up here.  So there were no outside sounds to tip me off to the approaching midnight hour. 

And if you meditate yourself, you know that awareness of time is often skewed or distorted.  I like to feel when it’s midnight and then verify it by looking at the clock.  There’s a frequency, a wave form, that is palpable before midnight on New Years Eve; and if you’re at all sensitive, you can really feel it within you. 

 I could feel a build of energy and thought it must be close and then I was filled with enormously happy energy.  Yeah, happy.  A simple and direct word, happy–no other way to describe it.  It flooded my whole energy system and then I heard, “Happy New Year Joy!”  And I smiled and said, Happy New Year to you too!  The voice was so loud and clear that it startled me.  In that instant, I opened my eyes, turned my head and looked at the clock on my bedside table–it read 12:00!  Soha!   It felt like a whole group of spirits came into my room and hung out with me there for a few moments.  Lovely, happy, happy, happy energy!

 What a way to start the New Year! 

My hope is that the happy energy will remain with me the whole year through and even carry out to those in association with me and beyond!  I loved that overwhelming feeling of happiness that engulfed me!  So cool.  After midnight I could hear music, singing.  And it came from within me, not the external world.  It felt and sounded like I was with a huge crowd all singing and swaying. Awesome party! (NOT just my imagination!)  Loved the unmistakable sound of music and singing that I heard… one of those things that one will never forget if you know what I mean. I’m so  happy about my New Years Eve meditative experience!  Yes!!

I stayed with the feeling and listened to the music and singing, happy to be in that energy until some of that monthly info started coming in… I listened, and then fell asleep.

So.  Now.  Let me see how many of  those things that came in about 5 hours ago, I can remember.  Here we go…

January– not much happens the first 2 weeks of the month, but then toward the end of the month we hear of a financial institution or some large corporation taking a dive.  People panic a bit but it doesn’t last long.

February–sometime in this month better news is received about the economy, the event that happens in January corrects or resolves, and people release those economic fears.  Also another famous figure (like that Tiger Wood’s thing) makes the news–another scandal. 

March–some type of world event, unifying the world in an effort.  Gosh, I can’t remember what it was.  But all the world is focused on something.  I think it may have something to do with disaster of some kind, maybe an earth change issue, but everyone’s awareness of climate change is enhanced because of it.  There’s also a shift in the war–something becomes evident and I think we begin to pull troops out in significant ways (see July).

April–some sort of new technology comes out, something very popular.  Sort of like the iPod was when it arrived in the world.

May–growth in the economy; some definite signals that we’re recovering.  More optimism.  The housing market takes off and also some “green” jobs are part of the news.

June–a repeat of April to some extent; more new technology this time involving the Internet.  (Lots of innovative things in 2010; lots of “firsts”.)  We have a gas and oil price issue in June, but it doesn’t last long.  There’s also some issue with airplanes–some big change, very unexpected.

July–something happens around the 4th of July but for the life of me I can’t remember what exactly.  We celebrate “independence” in a new or different way.  Oh, it has to do with the wars and relates back to something that happens in March. (See March)

August–early hurricane and it seems to go up toward the coast of North Carolina and Virginia; the gulf coast area is spared with this one.  This one is a fairly significant storm; mid-August.  I don’t know when hurricane season begins.   Wait let me google that.  Well, my search reveals hurricane season begins in June; so I don’t know.

September–more good economic news.  The unemployment rate goes down.  People are optimistic but some are still a little cautious.  Another scandal, this time involving a government agency.  People are surprised–it is something that would be the last thing you would think would happen. 

October–early winter storm, snow even in the south.  Erratic weather patterns all over.  Fires in California again starting late in the month.  Some significant astrological pattern/event occurs–many people are awakening.  (I have not checked astrology on this, so my left brain at the time of this post doesn’t know about any astrological event this month.)

November–something happens in Spain or Portugal; that area.  Something unusual.  Not necessarily weather related, or at least I don’t think so.  Other changes on the world scene; something like one country gets taken over by another, but the war about it doesn’t last long.  We may be talking about Russia and that area-?  In the USA there are more jobs, people are breathing a sigh of relief–economic recovery is more certain, but it comes as a result of a change in thinking about how we accomplish things.  Less government involvement with jobs–more private sector.

December–people are doing work that is more in alignment with “the good of the whole” to a greater degree.  These things make the news.  There was something else, but I can’t remember.  Weather is still wild but people deal with it alright.  The whole global warming debate is over; something happens earlier in the year to end that.

That’s all I can remember and I’m not sure if I got it all right; I tried. I also had some personal predictions come through, but those are private (sorry).

I’m not trusting any new information since I’m under the influence–of Theraflu right now.

We’ll see how it all turns out I guess.  Time will tell.  I’ve got to get back to bed now. 

 Grabbing my specialty kleenex…

Hey, maybe it’s just a yearly energy “clearing”…

Aaaatchew!  Sneezing and, I’m outa’ here!

Hope you have a super happy 2010!

PS– What were YOU doing as the clock struck midnight?  I’ve heard it said that whatever you’re doing at the stroke of midnight, you will do all year-long!  Supposedly, like on your birthday, it sets up a pattern for the rest of the year–thus the kisses and good will.   Anyway, fancy that!  Whatever you were doing, I hope it was good!  ha ha

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