Intuition: Trust Your Self, YOU KNOW!



Trust Your Self 


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 There’s a “secret and private” place in each of us that KNOWS how things are going to turn out  in nearly each and every instance.  Do you believe that?  I do.

If you are even slightly bit aware of your self, you are aware of that place deep within you.  True enough, we can get caught in emotional drama and in the monkey-mind sometimes which turns out the lights and closes the door to that secret, private place of knowing. 

Hint:  this place is secluded within you and you’re born with the key to access it, but most of the time (not always) silence is required to get close to the entry door. 

You know it, right?  You know the place, don’t you?  Sometimes even when you’re talking to a friend and your mouth is moving expressing doubt about the outcome of a situation, you are aware of this secret, secluded place of silence.  Sometimes you’re even right there in the midst of the answer that this pace of intuition is providing while at the same time you are expressing doubt!  The answer is being revealed the whole time we’re walking around saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know what will happen!”  Humans are amazing that way. 🙂

When it happens that you realize you are being given the answer or insight in the very same moment that you are saying you don’t know, the silent part of you (in that moment) has somehow been able to slip away to this matching silent place even while the louder ego part of yourself–yeah in that very same moment–is voicing to a friend that you have no idea what is going to happen or no concept of what to do! 

That’s so interesting, isn’t it?  Are you aware that this is happening? Are you aware at all?

Of course, most times we have to quiet the analytical mind and ego in order to enter that place of knowing.  Yet, at certain times, like I’ve just described, we find ourselves in that diametric moment when we suddenly realize that we KNOW the truth even when our mouth isn’t speaking it.  It sort of slips into our awareness and suddenly we feel like a fraud!  We actually DO  know the answer even when we are giving lip service to the fact that we don’t!  Yeah?  That’s happened to you, right?

We might be talking and expressing doubt and suddenly we say to our friend, “Wait a minute.  I just realized something!”  See what I mean?

 There is this Source of Knowing within all of us, we just have to become aware of it.  Chances are that if you have read this far in this post, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, however, we become aware after the fact.  And, of course, its at those times when we hear ourselves saying something like, “I KNEW that was going to  happen!”  When that occurs enough times in our experience, we begin to trust that knowing on a beforehand basis.  We begin to ask ourselves, “How did I know that?” And where is the Source of that knowing within me?  How do I access it intentionally? 

If we continue to observe life, we find that when faced with a life issue or dilemma, we can get quiet.  And this place within us, this Source of knowing, this secret and secluded place for which we have a key can be accessed at any time.  Day or Night, it’s open 24-7/365.  What a deal!

That information is always there but we fool ourselves, play mind-games with ourselves and distract ourselves to insanity when, all the while,  that very sane and peaceful and private place within us knows…. just knows! 

Sometimes we can find the path to that place by just asking the self, “What’s the real truth here in this situation?” Then silence is required and you realize you’ve had the key in your hand all the time and all you had to do is enter–everything is revealed.

Once you get used to accessing this place,  the door seems to remain open and information (knowing) seems to ooze out right in between your own words and thoughts.  It oozes right up to the forefront of your mind.   Suddenly you are aware and in knowing!   If you are not contradicting that truth, the overwhelming feeling of validation, of certainty overtakes you and it’s a great feeling indeed! Goosebumps! Truth!

Of course, trust is another matter and it can take time to develop.  The left-brain analytical mind may be expressing doubt and there comes that knowing flowing out to you.  Which do you trust? 

In time, once we realize on enough occasions that we knew the truth (after the fact, “I told you so’s” when we say, “Ah, I KNEW that!), we begin to trust that knowing more and more.  It’s a process of developing trust. 

Again, a feeling of certainty comes with that KNOWING, there’s no doubt about it!  And there’s a peaceful and comfortable feeling; we just know without doubt.   That’s when we’ve struck gold, hit truth!

There’s the point of discernment.  We may have, on one hand, a piece of knowledge or information that comes with doubt surrounding it and, on the other hand, other information that contains no doubt around it at all and comes from a place of  inner knowing.  When doubt is lacking, there is only peace.  See the point I’m making? 

Can we doubt even the wisdom, the truth that comes from this Source deep within?  Yes, if that left brain analytical mind gets involved, we can still doubt it.  So, now what?  Double check it.   When we quiet that mind, go into the silence, we can clearly see the interference of doubt that tried to sabotage the Truth. 

Can we think we know, when we don’t?  That will reveal itself over time; it will unravel if we play this trick on our self, it won’t hold up.  Only true knowing will stand the test of time–anything false will fall apart as true knowing pushes its way to the surface, and it will.

It’s really not as confusing as it sounds.  Affirming to our self that we DO know the truth and then allowing our self to sit in that silence, permits truth to be revealed.  Doubt may try to interfere later, but we just have to remember that comfortable, peaceful feeling that came with that insight or information (that knowing) and this chases doubt away.

Trust your self, you know more than you think you do;  don’t think, just know!