Changes in Consciousness – Growing Love!


Astrological Influence and Personal Experience

Astrological Influence

For Everyone: Past life emotional insecurity issues being triggered thru transiting South Node of the Moon in  Cancer encouraging new emotional stability thru North Node Capricorn.  This energy in effect through Feb 2011.  What we learn through past life emotional release we can use for growth and emotional security…. it’s all good really. This is an opportunity to really grow and evolve.  Emotional animation (SN Cancer) and Emotional withdrawal (NN Cap) are typical as this shift occurs.  Triggers from our soul’s  past around emotional security & emotional maturity are happening. 

Personal Experience

 Ever since the Lunar Eclipse in early August (2009), to use an old hippie phrase:  What a trip!  Talk about change!  Something really BIG is happening to us.  I’m hearing it from everyone I talk to lately.  And now I’m going to write my personal experience.

I feel like some elf in the heavens has created some awesome kind of program and downloaded it into my consciousness.  Priorities have shifted in my life and I’m seeing the world and my life  in a whole new way.  Personal belief systems about my reality are completely changing and being replaced by different views of life.  It’s personal–very personal.

I will try to be more specific.  What I thought was important no longer is and what I never felt mattered much, now does!  My world, my consciousness, my reality is completely changing.

Here comes another hippie phrase:  It’s blowing my mind!  And that’s how it has felt–like a shattering and now a reconstruction is occurring.  Again, it’s personal–very personal.  Essentially, I see myself completely differently and in a very good way.  None of this is bad. And I see others in an entirely new light too.  It’s good, very good.

I find myself in a realism that is so new that it seems fragile while the old slips away, the new reality seems very uncertain. I feel completely wired–not sleeping. Night after night awake; releasing, realizing and restructuring.  Some catharsis has been involved–some sorrow over those old beliefs:  “If I only knew then what I know now.”  But it’s okay–it didn’t last long and now I have an opportunity to make those corrections and adjustments.  It’s not too late!  It is such a joy to know that it’s not too late!

Its been like suddenly seeing a truth about myself that I was unable to see before.  And I keep feeling grateful that I didn’t have to die and go to the other side to see the patterns, the issues, and the old reality.  It’s like I can live in a new way–a true rebirth.

Oh, I’ve gone through these kinds of experiences before during eclipse times, but never anything this profound and shattering.  This new reality, this new way of seeing life feels so new.  It’s much like the way a newborn baby must feel:  easy to startle, a bundle of nerves, some neediness (but in a good way) and some feelings of insecurity as the new reality takes hold.  This is exactly how it feels functioning in this new reality.  But I’m grounding into it more and more with each moment.

It’s very awesome.  A bit disconcerting, but astounding and I’m amazed hour by hour as I found myself saying and doing things that are untypical of the old reality.

I can’t tell you how many times in the recent week that I’ve said, “I can’t believe my own ears.  I can’t believe I’m actually saying that!”  And some of the things I find myself saying and doing, would not have been possible in the old reality.

In the midst of all this, my car broke down and there was great uncertainty about when I’d get it back or even if it could be fixed.  I was without transportation for about 10 days while a mysterious car issue manifested. I was feeling a great loss as well as some anxiety in the uncertainty.  That car issue emphasized or enhanced the transformational shift that was occurring. The way I processed reality, my consciousness,  was changing moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. I was crying, not sleeping and doing a total life review.  I thought I’d reviewed my life as much as was possible before these transformative events–I had no idea that I’d be going through this again on even deeper levels.  But there it was! 

The car breakdown wasn’t the main issue but I think it helped me focus on the cathartic changes necessary for this new reality to set it.  My car is back now and the minor mysterious issue is resolved.  Evidently, the universe (and that heavenly elf downloading the new program) wanted me off the highway when all this was going on.

I wrote.  I wrote a lot while releasing the old reality and integrating the new.  I was happy before all of this–very happy.  And now I see a huge potential for an even greater happiness!

I’m not through this yet but wanted to share it in case there are others out there who may be going through the same thing.  If I had to summarize it, I’d say that in the past few weeks I’ve clearly seen soul wounds and how I’ve been reacting to them setting up repeating patterns.  Those were clearly revealed to me and I’m so very grateful for the experience.

I’m still desperately lacking in sleep as I write this; thus, this accounts for what will surely be seen by the reader as a less than polished writing presentation.  So I beg your forgiveness on that note. 

If you are going through this same type of change in consciousness, it may help you to know that you are not the only one!  I’ve heard similar stories from others lately–not exactly like mine, but similar.  

Like I said, What a trip! I think I’m really going to love this new reality!  The love inside of me is growing.  I’m laughing as an image of the children’s Christmas story “The Grinch” —his heart grew three times that day–comes to mind.  My love for life,  for others and for myself has grown much more than that in the past few weeks! 

After going through the catharsis and now as I begin to integrate this new reality, all I can say is that this is totally awesome!  Vibrations of Love and Happiness are totally expanding and intensifying to degrees that I never thought possible!

PS ♫ I can’t seem to GET ENOUGH of 60’s music lately either! ♫  Have no idea whatz-up with that, but there it is! ♫