Psychic Shift from Anxious Thoughts to a Connection with Source

Realignment With Source
Realignment With Source Energy


I open the windows of  my house, hear the birds, key in on them and nothing else.  I stay with it.

Open the windows of my heart, hear its steady beat, like a drum, focused on the breath, nothing else.

I stay with it.

I take my time.  There is no time.  This is important to remember.  Taking as long as I need.  Staying with it…

After a while, the sharp edges of the psyche, soften and smooth. 

I stay with it. No hurry, no time, no place to go, nothing to do… opening, listening.  Focused on heart, breath and life.  Finding my center. 

Only breath, only heart beat… nothing else matters, only that.  Reaching for the center of myself, breath, heartbeat, birdsong, breezes of the summer day, nothing else.

Staying with it.

Drinking in the energy of Source, merging with All That Is.

Calm fills the heart and mind.  I stay with it. Healing is happening.

Allowing nothing else.  Being steadfast.  Being determined.  I stay with it.

Nothing else matters. This instant is IT.  This instant is all there is.

Letting my self melt, merge, and mimick the Harmony of Life Itself.

There.  I stay with it. 

No thought.  Just being with it.

Nagging thoughts try but cannot cross this barrier. 

I am on the other side of the lower mind, crossing the gap, moving toward peace.

I am in harmony with the life and breath of the Universe.

I’m  here but also there.  The shift happened.  I stay with it.

The breath, the birds, the breeze, the beat. Nothing else. 

I hear the gentle hum of the song of the universe in my ears and in my heart. I let it nourish me, align me with its melody.

The heart expands, the eyes of the soul widen.  This eternal moment lifted me across the crashing waves of lower thought.  I continue to go with it, and flow.  No resistance.

Letting the river of  my heart move me even more toward Source, seeing the world through new eyes now.

The bird song seems more alive, colors seem more vibrant, the body at ease, the mind in a new place, a peaceful place, closer to my true home. 

I’m coming home.  The feeling of home expands within me. I am comfortable in my skin now.  My world, all around me, and everywhere I look takes on new sheen, new aliveness.

The world of troubles barely there now.  Its far away, a distant land.  Breathing in deeply now the nourishing air, the life force.  Every cell bathed in this fresh perspective, remembering who I am. 

I feel myself rushing toward it, the center.  The center of the Universe, the center of my being at one.  Pieces of me fall away and other parts realign.

I feel the movement within my physical body and psyche at once as every cell, atom and molecule is returning to its proper place.  Alignment.  It feels good.

 A new harmony is at hand now. 

I stay with it, allowing it to expand even more and smile. 

I’ve come home again, yet I’m still here on Earth in this body.  I’m more comfortable now.  Ready to listen more acutely to the Mind of  The Divine as I merge with the song of the universe.

I keep this outlook with me throughout my day as if I’m standing atop a mountain, seeing Life Itself and my own life as it really is.  And its not how I thought it was.  Its better now, there’s clarity where there were clouds of confusion. 

 And all is well. 

Life is in harmony with itself and I with it. Centered and whole again.

Thank you for this beautiful day!