Message from the Other Side

HappyLife!  Yes, life.  What’s it about anyway? 

I’ve been wrestling between two views lately.  On the one hand, there are those deep psychological issues.  I’m talking about those rather disconcerting deep Plutonian questions.  Why am I the way I am? Why is everybody else the way they are?  Simple words but they can take one very deep down the proverbial rabbit hole.  We need to grapple with these questions every now and then.  If  for no other reason than to convince ourselves that our life is moving in some sort of progression.  Self-analysis is a productive  exercise–we need it in order to evolve.  From a personal perspective, I can really get “into it” when delving deeply into astrology. Astrology promotes self-analysis; it’s a good thing.  And my passion lately has been relationship composite charts, including interaspects and even doing a comparison chart of the relatioship with the individual birth chart. That shows how the relationship affects ones own life.  All highly interesting stuff–quite enlightening I assure you and worthy of the time and effort.

Then there’s the opposite side of the spectrum–the side that balances that out.  What side?  Those grateful moments that come of simple daily living on spaceship Earth.  We’ve simply got to balance out our deep psychological side with some practical Earth living appreciations.  That’s what makes it all really worth while. 

We’re here to grow and evolve and heal soul trauma and understand those patterns–become aware.  But we’re also here to enjoy Earth living. 

The gods must have said something like, “If we’re going to send them to a place where their souls are bent, stretched and  their psyches are taken to the point of volcanic ejection, let’s at least send them to a pretty place to do it–Earth!” 

In my work as a psychic medium being privy as I am to the messages from souls without a body on the other side, I hear them tell their family members (as they speak through me) to enjoy the simple pleasures of life on Earth.  They say it all the time.  I don’t keep records but I can’t remember a time when the message to enjoy life wasn’t part of the communication.   It seems to me that they miss things like the feel of the wind on their face, the sweet taste of summer fruit in their mouth and cool wet beach sand between toes on a warm summer day.  I feel the feelings of these souls as they bring forth messages.  And the emotion accompanied by the words, “Life is really short” is pretty dramatic.   They speak of it  in terms like the a blink of an eye or a heartbeat and they urge their incarnated family member to cease worrying and start enjoying.  To put it succinctly, what they’re essentially saying is “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  You get the point, right?

I’ve wanted to make this post for a week.  Instead I’ve had my head buried in astrology charts for clients.  Then I began to examine an old relationship of my own using those glyphs.  I started going down memory lane in the process of the astro study–the memories weren’t all that great by the way.    It’s good to take a look back sometimes as I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  But we have to be careful not to get caught in the past, just as much as we should use care not to get trapped obsessing about the future.  Sanity demands that we spend most of our time in the present moment.  Let’s be sane! All in favor….

I got an email last week sometime from Mike Dooley,  He sends out awesome little messages that he calls Notes from The Universe.  When I read one in particular, I wanted to Blog about it right away!  Instead, astro and psychic duty called and waylaid my intention.  But then, there  I was laying in bed just now unable to sleep with zodiac glyphs and planets dancing in my head.  The realization came that  just about all the information that could be extracted from those relationship charts had been squeezed out.  For several days now, I’ve been re-living some difficult issues with the ghostly shadow mental-body of an old boyfriend and frankly it didn’t feel very good.     Yeah, I learned a lot not only about him and myself but about astrology in the process.  Yet, I began to feel very much like I did way back when.  Besides, looking at ones own self through relationship projections takes fearce courage and effort.  It’s time to come back to your current life, I said, You don’t want to get stuck here!

So here I am and what better way to get unstuck but to finally write this Blog which is an extension to Mike Dooley’s Note from The Universe!  Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.  And even though it’s 5:45 am and I’ve been up all night, it’s time for a celebration of life, of the present moment and of the joy of my current life!  I walked through the fires of hell and back out again via that relationship and lived to tell about it.  But not just that, I lived to enjoy life more fully than ever before!

The contrast between that time in my life and now is like the distance of Light Years!  Just connecting with deeper parts of my psyche by examining the connection with that old bo’ left me feeling really yucky and that’s not a very sophisticated word but you get the idea.  If we’re completely honest about it, most all of us will probably have to admit to having at least one of those kind of relationship experiences in a lifetime.

Doing astrology is like swimming around in someones consciousness doing brain surgery.  If  it’s someone you don’t know very well it’s not that sticky, but a significant relationship with and old boyfriend is a different story. Pass the tissues and watch out for emotional volcanic ejection material!

Composite and Synastry charts are like taking apart two engines, examing all the wires,  tracing all the connections and then taking all those components,  building a whole new motor and getting it to run!  Easier to do if one of the engines isn’t your own!

I sing the praises of astrology methods all the time–that’s not the real point of this post.  Awh, what the heck. Let me sing just a little bit more. It’s wonderful, it’s amazing—the gods didn’t just toss us onto the planet without a map!  There’s a map!  There’s actually a map—and I’ve learned how to read it!  Exciting stuff.

But  now I want to sing a song about life on Earth and how precious it is and how we should value it.  Maybe I can make an impromptu poem.  I’ll try.  Here we go…

We’re not here long, that’s my song and literally we know it,

Yet we  work, we toil, we’re cool, we boil and  forget  how to show it,

Days go by, then weeks and months– we forget to look around

The flowers bloom, trees grow tall and all the while we frown

Earth offers beauty, peace and love but that we cannot see

Distracted, our eyes goes missing the pleasures of a tree

And all the other beauties, that Earth on us bestows

Go unexperienced daily as life frustration grows

When they speak for us to hear from the heavenly realms

Reminders come like manna to break our mental spells

Your not there long

Is their song

Take it from those who know

Enjoy your life while you can complete  from head to toe!

Well, so much for my silly poem then!   And so let me conclude with what inspired this blog in the first place and then its off to bed for a few hours for me!  We have to the tough soul work when it comes front and center. There’s no avoiding it, but keep perspective.  Don’t forget to breathe in the fragrance of that apple before you take a bite, linger a little longer in front of the flowers, step out the door next time it rains and breathe in deeply taking in the sweet smell of the air, put your book down or walk away from what you’re doing and really watch the lightening dance in the sky, cherish the taste of cool fruit in your mouth, close your eyes and feel the wind as it passes over your body… linger just a little longer experiencing life in full awareness.  So peaceful, so content.   If we’re to believe the messages from those on the other side, its over before you know it!   

The things that are common to you, Joy, like windy mornings, starry skies, and old trees; beetles, strawberries, and doorbells; coffee, blue jeans, and summertime… are not common to us.

Enjoy every flippin’ moment…

The Universe