Path to Astrology — Part 2

astrology3Part 2

Symbols of astrology represent human consciousness and the birth chart reflects the Soul’s psychological structure and vibration.

Soul astrology!

It should go without saying that our parents are part of the divine plan as much as everything and every one that happens in our life–no blame there.  In Part 1 of Path to Astrology, my purpose was only to point out how early experiences helped me to form the inner questions and seek the answers.

Astrology has always been interwoven into my psychic path.   I can honestly say that since astrology was a significant part of my psychic beginnings.  You see, one of my psychic teachers purchased and gifted to me a copy of Jan Spiller’s book, Spiritual Astrology.  She emphasized that she felt ‘Spirit’ was telling her to give me the book. It was gratefully received and I worked with it, looking up the information for my own birth date and those of my family.  I could definitely see this book was valid as I compared the information to my own life and those of my family members. The text is essentially about the prenatal astrological Eclipse patterns with a particular focus on past lives.

Essentially, I didn’t do any other work with the book, laying it aside. And essentially went back to doing channeled readings–the fare I still work with today. 

Back in those days, I was being a spiritual volunteer who didn’t feel herself worthy of asking for an exchange of energy.  Translation:  I was doing hundreds of free readings by email. 

Many people gave me their date of birth when they sent in their question.  I had no idea (and really still don’t) why they would send that information for a psychic (not astrology) reading.  I assumed that other psychics must asked for it because many people were automatically sending it, probably thinking that I would want that too.

One fine day after channeling someones reading (someone who had volunteered their birth date), I heard in my mind to look up the eclipse information from that book I was given.  Funny how it hadn’t occurred to me to do that before then–after all, I had the book. 

So I did. And there in black and white lo and behold was practically the exact information that I’d just finished channeling in the psychic reading!  The information in the psychic reading was essentially the same as the book regarding  the person’s life challenges and purpose! 

After that point, I would always channel the information first (always first) and then look it up in the book, getting one validation after another.  It was a quite exciting time! 

And this was the proof (for myself) that I needed that I actually was doing something valid in my message giving, my channeled psychic readings.

I still never ask anyone for their birth day for the purposes of doing a psychic reading; however, it seems certain (in my own mind) that both divination methods can go hand in hand. 

Do we actually NEED an astrology chart in order to divine information?  Absolutely not–not according to my experience and theories anyway. 

But my greater point here is that astrology was a part of the beginning  work that I did with spirit.  And now it is coming forth again via my recent studies of evolutionary (soul) astrology. 

Not that I didn’t fight it in the beginning, mind you.  Astrology, at first, was hard for me to learn.  For years I’d pick up the books and then in frustration toss them in a corner, giving up.  Yet, I’d always return.  Finally, after almost 7 years of astrology pulling me back, it began to stick and make sense.

A natal chart, they say, is the snapshot of what the sky looked like at the moment of ones birth.  To me, it is the snapshot of the journey of the soul and the inner workings of consciousness–clearly right there in those symbols and glyphs! 

One of the greatest gifts given to me by an evolutionary astrologer were the following words:  The way you are is exactly the way you are supposed to be!

Astrology is (to me) proof of divine order, proof of a universe that is meaningful and purposeful and proof of the mission of a soul’s past and evolutionary intent.

When combined with a psychic mind, a mind that is accustomed to working with observing, correlating and synchronizing information and seeing into deeper layers of events and circumstances–it’s a powerful tool for helping others! 

Long live astrology!

Here are just a few more thoughts about my path to astrology.  With an 11th house Uranus in Gemini retrograde, I don’t think astrology is a new companion on my path at all.  And it accompanies my Jupiter in Scorpio in the 4th house  conjunct my South Node.  Astrology, psychology and psychic ability–these have all been my travel partners over many incarnations I believe.  This is how it seems to me anyway.  I’m continually learning, always learning or remembering, trying to remember. Will astrology ever become old and stale? Personally, I can’t imagine that!  At least not right now. 🙂

Here are some quotes that I agree with from one of my favorite astrologers, Steven Forrest:

Astrology is not life; it is a METAPHOR for life. A Symbol. Only life itself could stand as a perfect symbol of life. 

Astrology, like psychology and physics, eventually disappears into vaster questions about the nature and meaning of life itself. 

In a better world, astrology will be taught at universities, as seriously as psychology or physics. It’s just as complex. 

Purpose of predictive astrology is to help people blend the probability curves of life in the direction of happiness and growth.

Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality. 

 It is WE, not the planets, who are writing the script. Fatalism is the old paradigm. The chart outlines patterns for  growth and change.