Psychic Readings & Gimme Proof; Gimme a Break!

KoolaidBe forewarned… this is a little vent about a particular kind of  kool-aid drinker out there! And it may not be pretty.  (By the way, don’t associate me with O’Reilly who uses that reference a lot. I’m no factor fan.) 

I only speak, or in this case write, for myself. 

I don’t know exactly how other psychics view things.  I pretty much do my own thing and have limited contact with others in this field.  I do read books however and in doing so have concluded that most psychics get their information in relatively similar ways and have other attributes in common.  This post, however, is not about that.  It’s actually about the way appointments are arranged. 

Am I really going to air a pet peeve here? Yeah, I feel it coming on!  I blog what’s on my mind.  And what’s current is a very recent experience with a perspective client.  I’ve decided to call these types of folks kool-aid drinkers.  Every now and again, I get approached through email by a particular type of kool-aid drinker (someone who has never had a reading with me before) who wants me to convince and convert them before scheduling an appointment.  

I have no idea how other psychics handle this type of inquiry, but I get a little testy about it.  I suppose it’s because there are plenty of testimonials on my website along with loads of information about my work.  But for some folks, that’s apparently not enough.

I know that some  are looking for a freebie and simply said, others have major trust issues all the way around.   Regardless, I’m hesitant to play that kind of game with people.  If they can’t trust their own intuition enough to order a reading in the first place, they probably won’t be able to trust anything that comes through in the session. 

By the way, I’ve given my time and energy doing freebie readings on radio talk shows and chat rooms and  on other occasions, so I’m not ungenerous–besides, that’s not the point.

I’ve worked with skeptics and I think a healthy amount of skepticism is a good thing; but let’s not start out on that foot to begin with for goodness sake!   Lack of trust or doubt in excess is energy.   And a psychic has to work through it.  If your approach to a psychic has too much skepticism, it’s like throwing a hurdle in front of a horse before they’re even out of the gate!

Again, I can’t speak for other psychics and how they work; some psychics may like to convince and convert.  I don’t play that game.  An approach like ‘prove it to me’ from a client turns off and shuts down my ability to tune-in faster than most anything else I can think of.  When I ask myself why and deeply examine if it stems from a lack confidence on my part, the honest answer is No. But there’s more to it.

Intuition and psychic ability works best on a “need to know” basis.  Test questions such as, First tell me something about myself and then I will order a reading,  doesn’t qualify.  On the other hand, if you need help–if you are confused about a life situation or trying to make a decision–the quality is completely different and my psychic gears start turning.  That’s just how it works for me.

I can’t even get my own spirit guides or higher mind to play the “prove it to me” game.  The Universe seems to say to me Look, either believe or not–don’t test me.  That’s the way it has always been with me.

You’ve got to come to the process with a certain amount of faith and trust.  If you’re unhappy with the reading or if there’s no connection whatsoever (which is rare, but happens), I’ll deal with it appropriately and fairly. It is so rare that it’s barely worthy of the time to write this paragraph about it, but I include it for a well rounded discussion.

I’m thinking of that Henry Ford quote as I write this. It goes something like,  Whether you believe you can do a thing or whether you believe you can’t–you are right.  The same is probably true when you approach someone to do some work for you; we do, after all, create our reality based on our core belief system.  You got to have at least some trust and some belief in the person you hire–but is it appropriate and conducive to the process to put them in the position of proving something to you first?

I am laughing a little bit as I think about how it works in other professions.  You check out the auto repair shop or the physician the best you can beforehand and then you walk into the place and ask for help.  You don’t say ‘prove it to me’ to them!  It shouldn’t be any different in the psychic profession.  There are charlatans and con-artists in every profession. Unfortunately, that’s just a fact of life, but I’m not one of them.   

And then again there are those other kind of kool-aid drinkers who want something for nothing under the pretence of wanting proof!

“C’est la vie”, such is life.  It takes all kinds to make the world go round! 

You have reached the end of my cynical vent.  I feel pretty sure that the Moon in Scorpio today helped a little!  Gimme proof—gimme a break!

And now that I’ve got that one off my chest, back to love and light!  I need to go and meditate now!  Geesh!   Note to Universe:  an appointment secretary would be really, really nice!  (not holding my breath waiting on that one)

Meanwhile, let the kool-aid spill where it may, but I’m not pouring.