Sun & Moon in Cancer

Emotional Weather Report
Emotional Weather Report

The archetype of Cancer (Cancer “energy”) relates to the emotional body; the emotional self-image.  This emotional self-image is constantly in a state of flux on emotional levels.  Cancer (through its polarity point of Capricorn) is where we learn emotional self reliance – internal security.


Again, our inner emotional world is reflected outward through the polarity of Cancer which is Capricorn (outer world). 


Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world–you’ve heard that, right?  Metaphysics 101!


This New Moon (June 22nd) in Cancer opposes Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – so here is the emotional body in opposition to Pluto, the Soul. The lesson is to grasp our own inner security through all the changes that are happening in the world. 


 Sun will be in Cancer on the 4th of July.  Cancer is associated with family and who do we usually emotionally bond with?   Family (Cancer).


Cancer evolves emotionally with self-responsibility—the Capricorn side of the axis is self-responsibility. We can remember this as the new Moon comes on the heels of the Summer Solstice, the initiation of the Sun into Cancer.


Many are feeling triggered emotionally.  Pluto in Capricorn is telling everyone, “Grow up and face reality” and yet this New Moon (Sun and Moon together in Cancer) has us feeling emotionally vulnerable. 


With Cancer we have 2 emotional cycles—withdrawal and animation.  We get triggered into emotional withdrawal when there’s something we’re trying to figure out about our emotional nature.  And then once the emotions are processed and we figure out what has triggered us emotionally,  we reached a new level of emotional maturity (Capricorn) and self reliance.  Naturally, we then move into an emotional animation cycle. This is a good thing to remember through the time the Sun is in Cancer throughout this next month—cycles of being emotionally hot and emotionally cold will be typical.


Emotions are our inner guidance system.  In our western society and in our formalized religions, we’re taught that spirit and flesh are antithetical to each other—and flesh includes the emotions. So humanity has come through at least 2,000 years or more of suppressing the emotional body!  And then we wonder why we have all these emotional distortions and abuses that take place.  A lot of it is because of emotional suppression and not honoring the emotional body.  All emotions are valid—not that we have to act on every emotion; but for instance, emotions of anger can show us where we are giving our power away or somebody else is trying to take power from us.

 Emotions exist for a reason; they can help us understand ourselves better and help us clarify the changes that we want to make in our life in order to feel better.

Emotions are messages from our soul and are our guidance system in life!

(post inspired by podcast)