Moon in Gemini

gemini moon Gemini Moon

What does a hungry Moon endeavor to pursue in order to feel comfortable, secure and happy?
We may as well know so we can go with the flow, right?
By the way, this information applies both to the transiting Gemini Moon as well as being helpful in understanding someone with a birth Moon in Gemini.
 So let’s take a look.  Who or what is Gemini? The teacher, the storyteller, the journalist. Right off the bat we could see that writing and communication would be favored–emotional fulfillment could come from that.  The Moon, after all, has to do with emotional needs.
Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini energy (like the planet Mercury itself) is fast moving.  Mercury moves so quickly through the heavens, that it sees quite a lot–its view and perspective is always changing.
Moonset Over Grand Canyon
Moonset Over Grand Canyon
That sort of makes me think of my hikes at Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA). Most US residents will recognize the Grand Canyon in the picture to the left.  As you traverse the switchbacks and round the many bends, the view is constantly changing and you’re continually being stimulated by scenery that changes before your eyes as you look from different angles.
That’s sort of like Gemini I think–taking it all in so fast that no conclusions can be drawn because the perspective is always changing. Curiosity fulfillment is continually sought. And, again, with no conclusions drawn–there’s no time for that! Think: information overload. That’s what the Gemini Moon loves! And usually there’s a need to talk about all that information. Think: Chatter.
There may be less sleep when the Moon is in Gemini–it’s hard to sleep when you keep chattering to yourself! Besides, this Moon will stimulate the nervous system like at no other time–that fast Gemini energy can produce jumpiness if you know what I mean. Too much of this and there is collapse and implosion, like a star blowing itself up!  Think:  Super-Nova!
How to avoid this?  Quiet talk. No mind-wars with others or with your self. Heart-to-heart communication instead of verbal jousting.  Reach for the polarity point of Sagittarius–strive for the “big picture” and the intuitive side of life.
And do something with that nervous energy… release it through a physical workout. Yeah, I’d say Gemini Moon’s need physical exercise–preferably a fast paced walk in a place that has different views if possible. 
Whatever exercise you do, don’t make it boring. Gemini likes diversity.
The “twins” associated with Gemini refer to duality, opposite polarities and vacillating between the two. It’s said that Libra has trouble with decision, but that’s because this energy easily sees both perspectives. But I think Gemini has even more difficulty in this area because it gathers so much information that it has difficulty using it to draw any conclusion whatsoever. And more to the point, the twins usually wrestle with themselves over it all anyway. When I hear someone say, “Well, I’m of two minds about that”, I think of Gemini and the duel nature of the twins.
The twins like to be busy and can easily and quickly change what they’re being busy about–the energy of this sign is flexible and mutable. Sometimes so flexible that it’s like two different personalities; that’s where the twin reference associated with Gemini comes in.
Of course in the heavens we do have the twin stars of Gemini–but that leads us into the topics of astronomy and mythology. I’ll leave that for another time.

The Gemini Moon derives emotional security from information, information, and more information. Gemini is the left brain process–it’s not that the Gemini doesn’t feel, it does. It’s just more intellectual than its philosophical polarity, Jupiter/Sag. As a way of avoiding the emotional body, Gemini tends to pull in a lot of information to process in order to intellectually understand what’s going on. Gemini Moon can have revolving door perspectives because of information seeking rather than allowing the intuition to work.

The thing with Gemini Moon is that it is highly intellectual and not as much into feeling as some of the other Moon signs…. so we could say that it’s likely we’d see people being more apt intellectualize their emotions when the Moon is in Gemini.
When the Moon is in Gemini it brings “up” the energy of it’s ruling planet, Mercury.   This could manifest as people being overly involved in their own thoughts at the expense of yours–ignoring yours. I think, therefore I am!


Guidelines: Be sure to get your physical exercise when the Moon transits through Gemini so that you can sleep at night!    Maybe give “walking meditation” a try if you have trouble sitting still during your meditation time!
I hope this post helped your understand of  Gemini energy.  Where’s the sign of Gemini located in your chart?