Writing a Triumphant Life Story–self love and self value

permissionToday I draw a permission card which reads, “Today I give myself permission to write a triumphant life story” and I affirm that I will Blog about this.

I sit here looking at a blinking cursor waiting for my  hesitant fingers to engage the keyboard; and I slowly write this sentence while hoping for ideas and inspiration.  If I could write a triumphant story about my life today, what would it be?  What would yours be?

It begs a question about ones desires–knowing what you desire and knowing what you need. 

This sounds like Venus material to me–Venus being about self-love.  Venus also being about identifying ones own needs and desires.  As I think about it more and more, this successful life story business does seem to be a question of self-love.  And if we’re going to write the story of a triumphant day, how can we do that unless we acknowledge our needs and our desires?  We have to love ourselves enough to focus on that determination in the first place… so go my thoughts at this moment.

In order to move myself through this little exercise, it’s clear that I’m going to have let myself open up and daydream a little bit.  In order to make today triumphant, what’s it going to take?  Can I describe that to myself?  Hmmm…

The first thing that this question does is make me want to go back in time for some reason.  When in the past have I felt triumphant?  I’m hoping that will give me clues to answering this question. It feels right to start there as I look for hints.

Pondering this, I’d have to say that triumphs of the past have nearly always involved doing “a good job” with something.  Maybe the current Capricorn Moon influences my thoughts and emotions as I try to apply this theory.  After all, the  hungry Capricorn Moon wants societal recognition and takes pleasure in work and a job well done.  Work, achievement of tasks, completion of projects–these kinds of things have always brought me feelings of triumph.

Did you ever have one of those days when everything you did seemed somehow to turn into gold?  (Love it when that happens!) Anyway, that thought links to alchemy–turning led to gold.

What I’ve got so far then is that  a triumphant life story for me today would involve taking all circumstances and transforming them into something really positive, beautiful, valuable (gold) and doing a really good job with whatever I do today, creating the sense of a job well done.

What does the word triumph really mean anyway?

Open up the word triumph and we find the synonyms:  celebration, exultation, festivity, joy, jubilation, merriment, pride, rejoicing.  Pondering that a moment, I think of triumph in assciation with happiness.  A triumphant life story is doing what make you happy?!  Maybe we’re starting to get somewhere. 

I  ponder what makes me happy.  Nearly always it involves helping others, including being valued by others. Pretty quickly I realize that a triumphant story today will include this in its description.

Yet, I also remind myself that valuing my own self  (no matter what) is what’s really important.  This ties in to the self-love theme.  I ponder this further. Maybe if I value what I do today, finding it worthwhile, I can experience all those synonyms above.

Still, I’ve not really nailed this down very well yet.  But I know that my triumph will involve my inner life–it always does.  Okay.  Maybe I’ve got it. 

My triumphant life story today is this:  everything that happens today reinforces my self-value–others value what I do today too!  Unforutnately, time is running out (what a statement!–can we really run out of it?), so I will have to leave it there.

Wait!  Before leaving this page… another thought. I have to add money into this.  You know–that stuff that we tend to associate with the proof of our value in this world?  Now there’s a whole new topic–one that I won’t tackle today though.

Anyway the word “value ” itself  brings the word money into my thoughts.  So let me toss currency into the picture of my triumphant life story for today!  Why not?   

Concluding, my triumphat life story today (what will make me happy)  also includes an influx of money. Okay. That will meet my needs and desires quite nicely–thank you.  And appreciation goes to Venus for that added insight!

This wasn’t an easy exercise for me as you can tell!  I’ve simply got to give more thought to what my triumphant life story really looks like in more exacting terms.  Would this be an easy exercise for you?  How well can you write a triumphant life story–for today or even for the rest of your life? 

Immediately, I can see that I should value myself allot more if I’m going to be happy!  Anyway, this is today’s life story–I give myself permission to experience it. 

So what’s your triumphant life story for today going to be?

And thus ends today’s Blog entry.