ARE YOU BEING CALLED TO BECOME A PSYCHIC OR A _____ (you fill in the blank!)?

TODAY’S THOUGHT: You wouldn’t have the desire (to become… you fill in the blank) in the first place, if the desire wasn’t possible to be fulfilled!
The sooner we get ourselves in harmony with the desire, the better!

I’m now calling myself “A Published Writer” as I take advice from a book that I’m reading about writing. Why not? What we declare is true, is! I’ve not published a thing yet, unless you count what’s written on this blog and my website! But never mind that, in my own mind, I’m now calling myself a published writer.

Eventually, the outer world always aligns with the inner–this is what I firmly believe. The more we declare that we are “a writer”, “a psychic”, “a healer”, the more the subconscious mind incorporates it and begins to create those circumstances which validate it! This is my truth anyway–maybe you’d agree?

The next step, the most logical one, is to begin to take actions which are in alignment with that declaration. Let’s just take a declaration that goes this way: I am psychic! The more you affirm that (even if you don’t believe it right off the bat–fake it until you make it), the more life will align itself to make that statement an obvious truth!

Of course, the fact is that we’re all writers, healers and psychics–we just have to incorporate the belief on a deep core level and make some conscious efforts in those directions. Then, more and more, we fully realize (with the evidence to back it up!) the truth of those declarations. So far anyway, this is how I’ve seen that life works.

As we cherish that belief and step into the role by taking action in those areas, the easier it becomes to write or heal or be psychic (or whatever it is!) with each passing day! Then before we know it, we’ve taken on the role completely and begun to fully live that new identity.

This theory has some limits I suppose based on what the physical body and belief system can handle–the more reasonable the goal, however, the better our chances of creating that identity. We can start small and grow big with our goals!

Well, these are a few thoughts on a breezy, beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Have you thought to change your identity or better said, add to your identity? I am a writer! Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it–I am a writer! A published writer!
I’ve added that to my cosmic job description–and it must be that it is part of my job description, since I have this desire in the first place. I wouldn’t have the desire to begin with if it wasn’t supposed to be fulfilled! The sooner I get myself in harmony with it, the better!


So, what’s your desire?

What new role is your Spirit you calling you to