Participating Fully With Life

I asked, and then I heard…

Life happens NOW, not before, not after, not sooner, not later, not in the past, not in the future…. your life is happening RIGHT NOW. Are you fully participating in it?

In this moment? Are you?
This is your chance to do so NOW…
I had just intentionally opened up to guidance and insight a second before that and then…
The insight came.
Instant awareness.
The realization came that I was NOT fully participating with life in that moment.
My mind was elsewhere.
I made a shift through intention and began to notice the late spring, early summer breeze entering the kitchen window where I stood.
Suddenly, I looked at my surroundings in a completely different way; I was standing in a magical sort of presence…
I’m HERE, I thought, I’m HERE.

And in that instant a joy and peace permeated my existence. I realized that there isn’t a single thing in the world to worry about, as long as I was fully participating in my life.

Why so? I can’t say that I can put words to it, but there it was nonetheless–the realization–the sense that everything was working, like clockwork, in perfect order.
Everything is as it should be right now, this moment.

As that mental re-alignment happened, and I had to resist the urge to do something like a cartwheel or a leap of joy.

I had an overwhelming urge to go outside and just PARTICIPATE with the life that surrounded me–those elements of life that suddenly became alive, dancing in harmony… the breeze, the trees, even the cars whizzing by the highway out front.

There was the overwhelming urge to just go out the door and be a part of it!
No worries,
no ‘issues’,
no ‘what if’s‘…
…everything in perfect divine order–that’s exactly how it REALLY IS, I thought. I knew!
I can be a part of it!
I AM a part of it!

This I do again and again, over and over–its not the first time. But, I admit its been a while since I experienced a moment in exactly that way….
I don’t need to “get a life”, I just need to fully participate in the one I have! I need to remember this… to live this!

Welcome Home, were the words ringing in my mind and heart in unison, Welcome Home.

Bottom Line:

Stay in the Now
Be Fully Present

Ears open
Eyes open

Here is peace…
Truth emerges!