Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio
 This information applies to a transiting Moon in Scorpio, but can also be applied to a Natal Moon in Scorpio
Let’s get started…
Scorpio Moons are strong ones and its said that they can override the Sun. So feelings, needs, instincts and responses will be strong when the Moon transits Scorpio.
If we don’t take time to understand what (many times) are our unconscious responses to life, we can end up feeling needy and unfulfilled. We should make an effort, therefore, to understand what each Moon sign is all about. The Moon is about nurturing. I like saying “the hungry Moon”.
Aquarius Moons are hungry for space and freedom, Cancer Moons are hungry for that connection to their roots, Virgo Moons are hungry for the comfort and predictability of routine and Gemini Moons are hungry for change, variety and lots of data/information.
What is the Moon hungry for when it transits through the constellation of Scorpio?
These little Moon Emotional Weather reports can be useful because even if “you” aren’t sensitive to the Moon, it can help to know what particular type of mood or emotional weather will be predominant in the general public. So if the current Moon transit doesn’t affect you face on, you will still be affected indirectly by having to cope with the energy of the masses–others.
A word on Full Moons–the Lunar influences of a full Moon are known to affect us 3 days prior to a Full Moon and 3 days after the exact Full Moon. Emotions that build up through the monthly cycle tend to peak and release around the time of the Full Moon.
Back to the Moon in Scorpio, which is connected to Pluto. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. This influence in the Moon can be brooding, vindictive and resentful, but it doesn’t have to be. Scorpio is a water sign and the Moon in Scorpio runs deep emotionally. When the Moon is in Scorpio it is a good time for self-healing and to think those “deep” Soul thoughts. Scorpio is a probing and deeply psychological sign so the Moon is Scorpio is a good time for meditation and examining your own motives or even the motives of others. Trust issues may come up when the Moon is in Scorpio and any old soul memories of betrayal will likely be re-stimulated for healing and clearing. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to Scorpio to leave out sensuality and just plain ole’ sex; but watch for power plays (Pluto ruling Scorpio is about power) and manipulation and trust issues.
Also this wouldn’t be a good time to push people to confide in you–Scorpio loves privacy, secretiveness and mystery. Generally people may not be in a self-revealing mood. Again, people (generally speaking) may be suspicious of one another; you may have to demonstrate your trustworthiness.
The Moon in Scorpio can help you to understand the deeper levels of any situation and of your own or other people’s emotions. The emotional climate of the Moon in Scorpio can be summarized with one word: intense!
To work with the higher side of this energy, release resentments, past hurts and any betrayals or losses that are stored in the emotional body.
Pluto/Scorpio is about transformation (a large part of this energy IS transformative) so perhaps if you can work with cooperating with any energy that is coming forward for the purpose of transformation, this would a very positive thing to do. Think: Phoenix rising transformed from the ashes. Think of parts of your life that you would like to see healed and call on your soul to help you be aware of what has been repressed or hidden so that you can experience the power that comes from knowledge!
The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul’s overall natal karmic dynamic and evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.

Before I go into it, let it be said that some people are more sensitive to the Moon and its daily fluctuations than others. Lunar “types” of people are Cancer Suns (Moon children) and anyone born during the Full Moon or the New Moon.