Moon moves through Libra

General Emotional Weather Forecast for the next few days….

Let’s just talk about the Moon itself before we combine with the Libra energy.

The function of the Moon is to help us to respond to (be responsible for) our emotions and to develop the ability to ‘feel’. A few posts ago, when the Moon was in Cancer, I posted some information about working with the emotional body–learning from it. Emotions help us develop our Soul and feelings themselves are messages from the Soul. Many times we can determine what motivates our unconscious behavior (thereby becoming more fully conscious) by understanding our emotions and learning from them.

They say the “eyes” are the windows to the Soul. But I think the emotions are too.

If you’ve been following the posts here, it should be clear by now that the Moon is always changing, adjusting and responding to the heavens. A way to maintain our happiness, satisfaction with life and comfort level is to work in harmony with the Moon.

The Moon is the “mood” of the psyche, the consciousness, the Soul. While Mercury rules our rational left brain functions, the Moon is pure emotion. Those moods erupt out of the unconsious part of us… the deep part of our Soul of which we don’t have full awareness. Think: dreams.

The Moon gives us happiness and fulfillment, yet despair and sadness are its gifts too. To feed the hungry Moon what it seeks is to bring fullness to life. That’s why I like looking deeply into it.

The Moon will express the sign that it’s currently in. And in this post, I will talk about Libra in connection to the Moon energy. Libra is a very social sign…that’s the function, the archetype of Libra. It rules the area of consciousness and life connected to relationships.

Yet there’s more. Additional keywords associated with Libra are: harmony, balance, social grace, beauty, art, culture, love, peace-making and also intellect. Libra is an air sign, associated with intellect. Libra can sustain a paradox, can see both sides and so a Moon in Libra could easily sustain an atmosphere of fairness and balance. Libra energy does not enjoy conflict and many times would rather do the flight rather than the fight of its opposite polarity, Aries. Just don’t push your luck and try to tick off a Libran Moon (a person born with their Moon in the sign Libra). If you do, you’re libal to awaken the sleeping Mars warrior. One of my teachers said once, “Behind every sweet Libra is a pissed-off Aries.”
I pretty much get that potential, I’ve got alot of planets in Libra, including my Moon. But back to our point.

Every sign has a shadow side and Libra emotions can become out of balance… when Libra is out of balance, it’s way out if you know what I mean. Decisions may be difficult when the Moon is in Libra since we will likely be able to see all sides to all issues–especially those that affect our mood, our security and our emotional happiness.

What will make us happy with the Moon is Libra? The answer is any activity that supports an enhancement of beauty and harmony in any way especially if it involves others in a social setting or even in a one-on-one partnership activity. These next few days would be a good time to pursue anything that supports those energies. Libra seeks peace but sometimes has difficulty achieving it unless the emotions are balanced.

Generally speaking however, I think the Emotional Weather will likely be as follows. Any one-on-one social confrontations should go smoothly, peacefully… at least on an emotional level. People should generally be feeling that they want to get along with others and try to keep the peace. But if you are looking for a decision in any area where your own or other people’s emotions have an attachment, you may want to wait a few days until the Moon moves into Scorpio. Generally speaking (and that’s the only way we can do it when we are singling out one function of mind), Scorpio energy will want to probe deeper and get to the bottom of things. Libra just wants to get along, keep things beautiful and keep things in harmony.

Libra Moon time may be a good time to beautify your home in some way or smooth over a rough spot in a relationship. The heavenly energies would support that. Social gatherings should go well too.

And now if you’ll excuse me… as I write this post the Moon is still in Virgo and my hungry Virgo Moon is urging me to follow through with some details. Translation: I have to balance my check book! That’s what’s going to satisfy me emotionally right now. Virgo loves those details you know. Wishing you a beautiful and harmonous rest of the week….

The astrology posts found here on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac are general, covering the basic archetype of the Moon’s sign. Aspects to the Moon are, for the most part, being intentionally omitted for simplicity purposes. Aspects to the Moon will trigger each person’s life differently based upon the Soul’s overall natal karmic dynamic, evolutionary intent and the current location of all planets involved.