Mental Projection Tips for Psychic Development & Spiritual Evolution

Practice With This Exercise Will also Help You to Learn How to Generally “Stay Awake” and Aware at All Levels of Mind in Order to Benefit Your Spiritual Evolution

In order to be able to travel to destinations for the purpose of answering psychic questions, mental projection is helpful. That is, being able to project yourself somewhere mentally.

The first time I projected part of my consciousness somewhere and received impressions about the place, I later drove there. My stomach did a little flip when I saw that what my remote visions revealed to me was actually what I saw physically when I arrived.
At the time I was a complete armature and just read the directions from a book and was totally amazed that I could actually make a mental journey and receive accurate impressions. I was thinking about that today–thus, decided to blog about it. The only difference is that in the exercise which follows, the suggestion is to practice by first going to a place you have been to in the past. That makes it much easier.

Here are a few tips if you’d like to practice.

Start by choosing the place that you would like to mentally project “to”, and ideally this should be a place that you are familiar with. You may like to choose the home of a family member or friend who can validate some of what your impressions are, after the fact.

Don’t attempt this, first of all, if you’re tired.

Try this exercise when your stomach is fairly empty or at least not after a large meal when most of your faculties are doing something else, like digesting food.

Your mind should be clear and uncluttered–don’t try this when you feel sluggish or your results may be disappointing.

Its best if you can shower beforehand so that your aura is clear and dress in a light garment. (One of my teachers would say that when she wants to do her very best psychic work, she showers and wraps herself in nothing more than a lightweight sheet or blanket.)

It goes without saying to do this (or any) psychic exercise in a place where you will not be interrupted, but I’ll say it anyway. And take the phone off of the hook to avoid
being slammed back into your body–part of you will be leaving.

Sit with the back straight–lying down will encourage you to nod off.

Take 7 very deep breaths; evenly spaced in a rhythmic fashion. Inhale to a count of 4, hold the breath more than twice as long (count of 11), and then exhale to a count of 7. Even, regular breaths… rhythmic. Only 7; there’s no need to hyperventilate.

Next, close your eyes and visualize your destination (family or friend’s home or another location with which you are familiar). Preferably, it will be a place where you know someone is located so they can validate your impressions later. It may be the very next room from where you are doing this exercise…that’s just fine. Or it may be 1,000 miles away; it doesn’t matter.

Again, it’s best if you actually know this place and have been there before and have a working familiarity with it and the details of the place.

Now with the eyes closed, see yourself in this place. Imagine that you are in the spot you have selected.

If you have any difficulty, be sure you are completely shutting out awareness of your present physical surroundings and see only (in your mind’s eye) the appearance of the place (s) you wish to visit.

Allow yourself to picture every detail of the place; give yourself every detail it is possible for you recall. These details include things like colors, lighting, arrangement of objects, characteristic sounds, and smells — everything that you would be aware of if you were physically there. Really get into it!

When you feel like you’ve got the vision of the place nailed down pretty well, begin
to look around you and observe current furniture arrangements (if you are inside a dwelling or office of some kind), look for people who may be present, note how they are dressed and listen to what is being said or what sounds you hear.

When you feel like you have enough information, return to your own physical body’s
present environment once again.

Open your eyes, look at your clock or watch and write down the exact time of day and everything that you observed.

You can validate the information. If you travel to another part of the country, note the weather if you can too (rain/wind/sun?). Do you see trees moving? How are the people dressed? Do you hear what they are saying? These are facts that can be validated.

Essentially, that’s it. The possible difficulty that you may encounter is that you fall into a dream state, unable to remain fully conscious throughout your time in the remote mental visit. The moment you slide into a dream state or begin to fantasize about a memory, what happens is you loose the spectator or observer perspective. You’re not supposed to participate in what you are seeing, only witness it.

The dream state brings fantasy and just like on any and all levels of awareness at any time, if you fall into that dream state it brings illusion (delusion) and un-reality. In order to do this exercise properly, keep in mind this main idea: you’re not directing anything at all and you’re not participating in it–you are only observing.

Generally this exercise in its entirety involves the ability for concentration and the capacity to really “be in the NOW”; otherwise (as mentioned above) you can fall into the dream state and start making things up or fall back into prior memories of the place. You may start thinking about things you did when you were at this place the last time. The idea is to practice not loosing control and going into those memories or fantasy-land.

It takes practice. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get excellent results the first time; try and try again. Go to different places–not to the same one over and over. It helps to have a friend or family members work with you in this exercise.

I suggest not working with this exercise for longer than 15 minutes; a half-hour tops. This exercise involves great disclipline of concentration and practice.

And (just like with everything else in the domain of psychic work) unbelief in your ability to accomplish this will act as a barrier. However, with an open mind results can be obtained with only a modest degree of training and practice.

Try it and see for yourself!

ADDENDUM: Today there wasn’t much sunshine. Sometimes, on a cloudy day, I find that my solar lights do not light outdoors at night. Yet, sometimes they do! I had no way of knowing for sure if they were lit or not unless I went outside to look. So I did–but first I sent my consciousness outside to see. I did not go out and look with my physical eyes. Instead, I sent my consciousness outside to see if they were giving light or not.
I saw no light coming from the lanterns when I viewed them mentally.
Then afterwards, I walked outside to validate what I saw in my mind, and sure enough…
the lanterns were not lit. That’s one small example of how to do the exercise.